Larry - The End

Dear diary.

It's been two weeks since he died. It been hard for me to move on and I havn't seen the boys in ages. I guess One Direction was just another past in our lifes. And by the way i'm Lou. I've got this diary from my psychologist to write down my thoughts and what I needed to get out. Nobody actually knows what im thinking about right now. But the other boys r feeling down to I guess. I have my mom, fans and little sisters supporting me. I don't know if psychologist my is reading this so im not going to tell u exactlly how I feel. But well, I could start with telling u the story about what happend.


1. Introduction

Harry was on the airport. The boys were on break and the tour would start in a couple of weeks. Were We Are tour. He was standing texting Lou. He didn't care about all the fans and paps he just stood there chuckling over Lou's Jokes. 

//Knock, knock// Harry texted Lou and smiled at the joke he soon was going to text him.

//Haz , don't start !// Lou didn't think Harry was funny but after all he was his boyfriend.

//Knock, knock// Harry texted again. 

//Who's there ?// Lou replaid and waited for the joke.

//Hatch// Harry chuckled.

//Hatch who ?// Lou said and didnt get it. 

//Bless u!// Harry answered as he was giggling. He walked on his private plain and sat down. The paps couldn't get in and he liked that. 

Lou sighed. //Im gonna kick u in the balls when u get ur ass over here ! xx// 

Harry was on his way to Doncaster to meet Lou after the break. They hadn't seen each other since the managment made Lou date Eleanor all the time. And same with Harry but he was with Kendall. They had been and gone skiing. Harry looked at his phone and smirked a little 

//Oh u dont know what im gonna do to u when I get there. ;) // Harry loved teasing Lou over the phone. It just made him more excited to get there. After a while the plain started and Harry looked out. They gave him food, tea and they also put on a movie. He was watching the notebook. His favorit movie. After a while the plain started shaking. Harry understood that it was something wrong with the plain. The oxygen masks fell down infront of him. 


Hope u like it! New chapter when I get 10 likes :) 

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