Vanessa P.O.V

I was unpacking my bags because I had moved houses my brother said it would be good because the other house that we were in it had a lot of good memories and one horrible one the one when I found out that my parents died.

As I was unpacking the door bell rang I thought my brother would of got it but he didn't.

I moved my way to the door and opened it and revealed my Bestfriend Margaret she was holding a bag.

What's in the bag.' i asked her while inviting her into my new house.

Pregnancy test ,movies , Chinese food.' she said while sitting on the couch.

Your the best but not the pregnancy test.' i said

We'll I was at my house with your brother.' she said while wiggling her eyebrows.

Eww your Nasty.' I said to her while my brother graven was walking down the stairs.

Good Afternoon ladies.' Graven said while taking out some cookies

Good morning babe.' Margret said to my brother going over to him and giving him a kiss in the cheek.

Oh...sorry essa(Vanessa) we didn't tell you we are going out.' Margret said

Great when he breaks your heart don't cone crying to me.' I said

Bitch.' I heard Margaret mumble

I heard that bitch.' I yelled while walking up stairs to my room.

to take a shower before I go out to have dinner with my cousin Brianna she was a lot of fun and crazy. I swear she killed a guy last year but whatever. As I got out the shower.

I went to my closet and picked out a crop-top that said oops and black high waisted shorts and white converse.

I went into my bathroom and blow dried my hair and straighten my hair and got my black beanie that said younce.

I got my phone and my car keys and some money from my brother and headed out side and started my engine and drove of to Mandarins.

As I got their I turned and saw Brianna.

Hey girl we haven't seen each other in years I missed you.' Brianna said

I misses you to.' I said while sitting down at a table

Ok I have news.' She said

Ok spill .' Is said a bit nervous and excited at the same time.

I No who killed you parents.' She said I froze then blacked out.

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