Margret P.O.V

I was watching a movie with Graven when my phone started going off

Hello who is this.' I said

Doctor Vance sorry for calling this late but you friend Vanessa is in the hospital i was wondering if - I cut him off

I'm on my wait.' I said and hung up

I got up from the couch and went to get my car keys

Were are you going.' graven asked

You sister she is in the hospital I need to go.' I said walking to the door

You have no condition to drive now here let me drive.' He said

Ok.' I said

(25 minutes after)

We wallows into the hospital and went to the front desk

Hello we are looking for Vanessa Holden please.' I said

Yes go right down their and turn left and she is B7.' The lady said

We ran their and walked in and saw Brianna holding her hand talking to her.

Sorry it's a short chapter I made it in the morning hope you like it comment if you want more love you my little elephants 🐘

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