1. About my life

Vanessa Holden is 17 years old she a older brother named graven Holden who is 20 years old and their parents died 3 years ago.They never really talk about their parents that much only when someone asks where's you parents or something. Vanessa has 3 BestFriends named Margret , Nicole and Amy. Vanessa is way closer to Margret they have been together since kindergarten they are like sisters. But all of them are in a gang called rover. The people that are in the gang are Vanessa , Margret , Amy , jake , Magen ,James and Eddie and Daniel and Graven. The gang is all set up to find out the people that have killed their parents so let me take you on a path we're VANESSA HOLDEN IS TAKING A PATH SO SHE CAN GET OVER ALL HER FEARS .

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