Starting fresh

I had an old acc. But I deleted it do this is the same Starting Fresh I wrote about a month or so again))))) Keaton Liles is just a 19 year old girl with a secret only few know that's killing her. She had a summer love with Harry but now that she's in college will she be able to forget all the hurt he caused her? ((Self harm included in this story)) p.s. Sorry I suck at blurbs but the story is better than the description


3. 15

Keaton's P. O. V.

Okay. I can't decide if I'm being stupid, or taking chances. Honestly not that there's that much difference. Deni says she will support me no matter what I choose and I believe her. I really do feel bad though because I have dragged her into so much drama that's been building for years in my life, and she's being so patient.

I've been talking with Liam lately also. He's being very sweet and supportive and though he doesn't know all the details of the past, he knows more than the other boys. I trust Liam. To be honest he really reminds me of Ryan.....Ryan! My mother! Oh god what's going to happen now? Do they know....oh what if they know?

Harry's ringer feels as if it's never going to stop beeping. Finally he picks up after about the longest 20 seconds in a long time. "Keaton! Hey is anything wrong? Are you hurt?" He speeds through the last part somewhat cautiously. "I'm fine Harry. Uhm I was just wondering....did you tell Ryan or my mom about this...ordeal?" He waits for a few moments before responding. "Don't be mad-" he says and his breathing picks up through the phone. "I had to tell the hospital about any family so they could alert them....and well all I said was that you had an...accident...and what hospital you were at." Oh? When I think about it, I should be mad. Harry has no right to be calling my family. In a way...I do think it's somewhat sweet. I can't decide. "I'm not mad Harry" I breathe into the phone. "Are they coming here?" He barely misses a beat before answering "they'll be here tomorrow, by the way...they hate me." I laugh without emotion through the phone. "Why does that surprise you? Did you think they would actually still care about you. Harry...they know what you did." I say point blank. "No. No...that's not it. I mean. They aren't just void of emotion for me like I expected. Well actually Ryan was bound to hate me...your mother though. That surprised me." What. "Okay...will you tell them I'm being released today though...just tell them to come to my dorm because well...that's where I'll be, my Phones about to die, that's why I'll need you to do it." He thinks about something before replying with "yeah, sure. Do you need a ride to your dorms? I can bring you?" This probably isn't good for me but I can't bring myself to say no. Honestly Harry is the worst thing that could have happened to me at this point in my life but it's too late to take it back because I missed him so much. "Sure Harry. Be here in about an hour please." He lets me know he will in a fairly smug voice if you ask me. I can't believe I'm doing this again.

Oh god. Ryan and my mom are going to find out....

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