Never would have guessed

Kendall is a girl who is determined to get into a good college and not let any petty boy love get in her way. Later will she know that will all change when she moves from Ireland to London.


1. Me and new school

I burst through my new school doors last minute-running to the office to grab my locker number and combination. As I was running through the halls I ran into a blonde haired boy with blue eyes. At first, I was stuck in a daze, my thoughts running wild like 'ohh, do you think he ran into me on purpose because he likes me?' I quickly shook them out of my mind snapping back to reality as the boy spoke, "erm, you ok?" As always being me, I corrected him," um, correction, that would be are you okay?" "Oh, ya, sorry. Didn't know I had to be perfect" 'it's not like you have to try' " erm, thanks?" 'Did I say that a aloud?' "Yes you did" "Im sorry erm well how about we start over?" " yeah sure" "well I'm Kendall" "I'm Niall, Niall Horan" "cool"

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