She Is Love

Anna goes to a 1D book signing, but she doesn't know it will change her whole life. Even her parents can not keep her from seeing her love: Harry. Read to find out if Harry and Anna will be able to stay together! PG-13


6. Talking With Harry

 Anna's P.O.V.

 "Hey Harry need a lift?", I asked him, quite shocked at what I was saying.

Harry looked at me confused, the rain pouring on him.

"Uhhh...certainly!", he answered. I looked at Rachel whose mouth was wide open.

"What?", I asked, Harry getting into the back.

"I don't know if I can drive a car with Harry Styles in the back!"

"Sure you can," Harry said," Just pretend I'm not here and follow that car in front of you!"

"Yeah, like I can pretend your not here," Rachel answered.

Harry and I laughed at that. I looked at Harry meet his graze and looked away, blushing. I could feel that Harry was smiling, so, again I looked at him and returned the smile, looking deep into his eyes.

Harry's P.O.V.

Wow! I was thinking, she had such beautiful green eyes (kindda like mine) and a nice smile.

She was so beautiful herself shy, cute, and sexy.

"You have beautiful eyes," I said. She blushed.

"Thank you for noticing that," she answered.

"So, why couldn't you just take the main entrance?", interrupted the girl named Rachel (who was pretty also, kindda Niall's style).

"Well they said that if we go through the main entrance all the fans will notice and cause a big problem for us to get to our seats. But if we take the back, I guess we just have a shorter distance and lesser people will see us."

"Oh, I see," Rachel said.

"Hey, your here for the book signing, right?", I asked them.

"Yes, why?", Anna asked.

"Well, to save you time from standing in line, we can sign your albums and books when we get o the back."

"Sure!", Rachel said.

"Oh, and one more thing," I said taking out two backstage passes to give to them," I want you to come and hang out with us tomorrow after the concert."

"Oh! My! Gosh! Thank you Harry your so sweet!", Anna exclaimed.

"My pleasure," I answered, handing the tickets over to her.

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