She Is Love

Anna goes to a 1D book signing, but she doesn't know it will change her whole life. Even her parents can not keep her from seeing her love: Harry. Read to find out if Harry and Anna will be able to stay together! PG-13


7. See You Tommorow

 Anna's P.O.V.

We got to the back finally, and I saw Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall waiting for Harry. There was a roof here so we wouldn't get wet.

"Hey there he is!", exclaimed Niall.

"Whatever, hey guys do mind signing these girl's things?", Harry said pointing to us.

We got out of the car.

"Ok!", they all said.

I handed my stuff to Zayn, while Rachel gave hers to Niall and they passed them around.

Then suddenly I felt something grab my waist. Harry was giving me a hug. I turned around and hugged him back. It felt so nice and he smelled so good! The hug lasted for a long time, then Harry pulled away, still holding his hands on my back. He looked deep into my eyes and smiled, showing his dimples. I blushed and smiled back.

"Hey Harry!", Louis yelled, interrupting the special moment, "Your turn to sign!"

"Okay," Harry answered, letting me go.

Rachel came over saying, "I saw you two. Somebody's in love," she poked my side.

"What are you talking about it was just a hug!", I said.

"Whatever you say," she answered. We got our things back and again I was pulled aside by Harry.

"So, see you tomorrow?", he asked.

"Of course!", I answered, "Why wouldn't I?"

Harry smiled and gave me another hug (this time a short one).

"Well see ya!", he said leaving.

"Mm,hmm," was all I could say.

Harry's P.O.V.

 'I love her, I do, I do!' I was thinking. All the girls at the book signing weren't as sweet, shy, cute, and adorable as Anna was. She was all I could think about. Of course the boys were teasing me about it, but who cares? I LOVE HER!!!!!!

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