She Is Love

Anna goes to a 1D book signing, but she doesn't know it will change her whole life. Even her parents can not keep her from seeing her love: Harry. Read to find out if Harry and Anna will be able to stay together! PG-13


33. On The Bus

Harry's P.O.V.

"Okay, everyone ready to go?", Paul said as we all stood by  the tour bus. 

We were back at our hotel in Detroit where Anna, me, Rachel, Niall and all the other boys met.

 "Yes," we all answered, quite dully. We all got onto the tour bus. 

"Aww, c'mon guys, a little more enthusiastic!," Paul says smiling.

 I follow Anna to my bunk bed. 

"Haz?," she asks. "Yes darling?," I answer.

 "How are we gonna fit in here?," she says getting into the bunk bed, "You can hardly fit one person in here!"

 "Babe, we'll do fine, we'll just have to cuddle real close," I say winking.

 She rolled her eyes and I plant a kiss on her lips. 

I left her to go find Louis. The bus already left the hotel and we were on the highway.

"Hey curly locks," Louis says as I sit down on the couch next to him. 

"Hey Boo Bear, what's up?," I ask. 

"Nothin' much, just playing some games on my phone," he says.

 Suddenly there was a loud bang from the bathroom. I run to see who's in there. I look around and don't see Anna on the bunk bed anymore.

 "Anna are you in there!!??," I yell into the door.

 "Yeah," she answers feebly. 

"Babe open the door!," I say.

 "I can't it hurts," she says.

 "What hurts??!!!," I say trying not to panic.

 "My scar, it hurts, and my hearts pounding and it hurts Harry, it hurts!," she says, trying not to scream.

 "I'm going to break this door Anna, stay away from it...okay!!??," I say.

 "Okay," she weakly says.

 I needed to get in there and give her some pills the doc gave me to give to her if something like this happens. I backed up and ran into the door, and it opens eventually, really easily. I saw her kneeling by the toilet clutching to her heart. 

"Babe!," I say running to her and picking her up bridle style.

 I carried her over to the couch and lied her down.

 "I'm going to get the pills the doc prescribed for you ok? Louis you watch her," I say to him who was standing right beside me.

 He nodded and I quickly ran to my suitcase to get the pills. I found them and got some water, and return to Anna's side.

 "Here you go baby," I say.

 She took the pill and swallowed it with some water. 

"T-thanks Hazza," she weakly said and closed her eyes.

 "Anything for you honey," I say and kiss her nose, "Do want me to take to the bed?," I asked. 

"Yeah, that would be nice," she answered. I picked her up and carried her to my bed. 

Anna's P.O.V.

~ 2 hours later ~

I woke up, feeling much better and the pain gone. No one was in the bunk bedroom, so I got up and put a sweater on because it was freezing! I walked out of the room to find the guys on the floor playing Monopoly.

 "Hey, babe," Harry said getting up and kissing me. 

"Hi, where's Rachel?," I asked. "In the bathroom," Niall said.

 I looked to find the bathroom door already repaired.

 "When'd you repair it?," I asked. "Well you were sleeping for two hours and the door wasn't that hard to fix since it came out with the things that hold the door, whatever you call them," Liam said. 

"Ohhh," I said, quite happy that no serious damage was done to the tour bus.

 "Where are we anyway?," I said looking out the window, but it was pitch black outside. 

"Hey Paul!," Louis yelled to him. Paul was sitting in the passengers seat. 

"Yes Louis?," he said. 

"Where are we in the world?," Louis asked, smiling at his stupid question.

 "We are now in Illinois, we should be in Chicago whit in two hours or so," he said. 

"Thanks for informing us buddy," Louis said and turned to me, "We are in Illinois, two hours away from Chicago," he told me like I didn't hear Paul at all. 

"Cool," I said, and sat down by Harry, taking my laptop with me. 

~ 1 hour later ~

"I'm so hungry, can't we stop and buy some pizza?," Niall asked. We were stuck in traffic and there was a terrible storm. 

"Yeah, this traffic is horrible by the way!," the driver said.

We got off the high way to the nearest pizza place, Cottage Inn.

"Man this pizza place is my fav!!," Rachel said.

"I wanna go and order!," Louis wined.

"Okay fine Louis, but look out for any teenage girls, okay?," Paul said.

"Okay," he happily said and jumped off the bus.

Harry leaned over and put his head on my lap. I played with his hair. 

"Your hair is getting so long Haz!," I exclaimed.

"I know, do you like it?," he smirked.

"Yes I love it, how long do you want it to grow?," I asked.

"Until it reaches my shoulders," he said.

"You'll look pretty dang hot then," I said.

"I'm not hot right now?," he wined.

"Of course you are! You'll just look hotter then ever when it grows," I smiled.

He smiled back. Louis came running back to the bus.

"No ones following me?," he said hiding behind the couch.

"No," Paul said. 

"Good, I saw some teenage girls but they probably have no idea who I was," he said taking his hood and sunglasses off.

"Cool Louis, you wear sunglasses at night," I said.

"The moon is to bright," he joked.

We all laughed.

"Ten minutes till the pizza's will be ready," he said.

"I'll go and get them, can I pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaasseeeee??," Liam said.

"Fine," Louis said crossing his arms.

"Someone was having too much fun wasn't he?," Zayn said to Louis.

"Louis can come along, I never said I wanted to go alone," Liam said.

"YAY!," Louis said jumping in the air, but unfortunately smacking his head on the ceiling.

"Owwie!," he cried.

"No jumping on the bus Lou," Harry said.

"Louie is sowwy," he said.

Gosh these boys!

Harry's P.O.V.

We just finished our pizza and we all decided to go lie down, since the traffic will make our destination to our hotel longer.

I wrapped my arm around Anna's waist, and lightly kisses her neck.

She turned around so she was facing me and cuddled into my chest.

"You smell so good," she said inhaling deeply.

"What do I smell like?," I asked.

"You smell.....well......manly," she said.

I chuckled.

"HELLO LOVE-DOVES HOW IS IT DOWN HERE?," Louis head suddenly popped out from the ceiling, since he was on the top of the bunk bed.

"Great, now go away, you have your own bed and you'll fall off if you don't watch out," I said.

"I'm pretty good at this," Louis said smiling.

"If you fall I'll laugh," I said.

"Ehhh, you love-doves," he said and disappeared, but shortly after his feet were hanging off the side of the bed and he jumped off.

I watched as he sneaked up to Liam's bunk. Liam was on his laptop.


"AHHH, Oh My Gosh LOUIS!," Liam yelled at him.

"Boys quiet up there," Paul yelled. Paul was sleeping on the couch.

"Why'd you scare me?," Liam wined.

"Because," Louis answered and jumped back onto his bunk.

This is going to be one crazy, fun, loving, special rest of the tour with my love, Anna.

I sighed and realized that Anna had fallen asleep.

I covered her shoulder with the blanket.

Before I fell asleep too I thought to myself...

Anna, She Is Love, and She Is All I Need.


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