She Is Love

Anna goes to a 1D book signing, but she doesn't know it will change her whole life. Even her parents can not keep her from seeing her love: Harry. Read to find out if Harry and Anna will be able to stay together! PG-13


19. Long Drive

Anna's P.O.V.

Who's gonna drive?," Louis asked, we were outside standing by the van. 

"Well I guess you could, since your the oldest," I answered.

"Okay, how long is the drive?,'' he asked.

"Um, from Detroit probably about four and a half hours," I told him.

"Long drive. We'll reach there about nine, nine-thirty," he said.

"I won't mind, as long as I have you by my side," Harry said, giving me a hug.

"Love-doves!," Louis laughed. I just smiled.

"I guess we are," Harry said.

"Okay everybody, into the car!," Liam yelled.

Liam was sitting in the front with Louis, while me and Harry sat in the middle seats and Zayn, Niall, and Rachel squeezed in the back.

"You guys okay back there?," I asked them.

"Yeah," Zayn said," Since they are snuggled close together, I have room," he said pointing to Niall and Rachel.

I gave Rachel a wink and she smiled and I sat back down. MIne and Harry's seats where connected, like the ones in the back, so I could put my feet up and snuggle into Harry's chest.

He smelled so nice, his skin so soft, so soft...I fell asleep.

Harry's P.O.V.

Her eyes were closing and I could tell she fell asleep. But her she was so cold.

"Liam," I whispered," Could you pass the blanket? It's in the box next to you."

"Sure, did she fall asleep?," he laughed softly.

"Yup, and she's very cold!," I said taking the blanket and covering Anna.

 "Thanks man!," I thanked Liam.

"No problem," he answered. I gently kissed the top of Anna's nose and the shortly after I too fell asleep.

Louis's P.O.V.

Great. I was the one driving while the others slept. Well everyone except Liam.

"Did they all fall asleep?," I asked him.

"Yup!," he said.

"Don't worry, I won't go to sleep. I'm here to keep you company," he smiled.

"Thanks bro!," I said.

"They look so cute together," Liam said.

"Who?," I asked.

"Anna and Haz,'' he answered. I quickly look to the back, to see Harry sleeping with his head resting on Anna's head and Anna was snuggled into his chest.

"Your right, they are," I told Liam," I'm so happy he found a girl."

"How much longer are we gonna drive?," Liam asked.

"About three more hours," I answered.

"Cool!," Liam said taking his phone out.

"Are you going to surf the internet?," I asked.

"Yup!," he answered.

"Cool!," I said.

We both laughed.

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