She Is Love

Anna goes to a 1D book signing, but she doesn't know it will change her whole life. Even her parents can not keep her from seeing her love: Harry. Read to find out if Harry and Anna will be able to stay together! PG-13


31. I Missed You

Harry's P.O.V.
  It was like three in the morning and I couldn't sleep. It was so quiet at the hospital at this time.  I was walking down one of the hallways, exploring the hospital. I was looking into random rooms. One had computers in it, others had sick people. I got tired of it so I walked back to Anna's room. I opened the door and there was a random guy in there.

"Hello, who are you?," I asked. Without warning he pulls out a gun and shoots........

"AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!," I woke up.

It was just a dream, it was just a dream.

I looked at Anna, still sleeping peacefully, despite my yell. I look at the time, four in the morning. I thought of taking a walk, but shook the idea away, remembering my dream. I took Anna's hand in mine and started drawing hearts on it. I felt a her grip tighten a little.

"Anna?," I asked. The heart machine started beeping faster.

"Anna?," I asked again. Her eyes fluttered open.

"Haz?," she said weakly.

"Babe," I said tearing up.

"What-what happened and where am I?," she asked looking around.

"Your in the hospital," I said.

"Do you remember anything?," I asked.

" we were standing outside my house and then my dad called my name and I just started feeling dizzy and my heart started hurting badly," she said.

"Oh, why didn't you tell me that?," I asked.

"Well I was going to, but then everything went black, and now I woke up here," she said.

"Babe you frightened me so much! You've been asleep for two and a half days," I said.

"Oh, where are my parents?," she asked.

I told her everything starting with them coming here, and then getting a call from work that they have another business trip.

"So they're not mad at me?," she asked.

"No, and they let you come on tour with me," I smiled, for the first time in a long time.

"Really!?," she almost jumped out of bed.

"Yeah they did," I said.

"I'm so happy!," she said.

"Me too babe," I said, "I think I'll get a nurse to check on you now, since I told them I'll inform them when you wake up."

"Okay," she said.

Anna's P.O.V.

The doctor came into the room, followed by Harry and a nurse.

"Hi Anna, how are you feeling?," the doctor asked.

"Good, I guess," I said. He smiled.

"Harry told me that before you fainted your heart started hurting, right?," he asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"I see now. So all this has to do with her heart," he said.

"What do you mean?," I asked.

"Your blood vessel connected to your heart was blocked and did not pump blood into your heart properly. I had to give you an operation to fix that," he said.

"That means I have a...OW!," I said touching my scar.

"Yes, you do have a stitches," he said.

"When will I get the stitches out?," I asked.

"Um, in three weeks," he answered. I sighed.

"Well I have to go now, bye," he said and left. Harry turned to face me.

"Mind if I join you?," he asked, pointing to the bed.

"Not at all," I said patting the right side of the bed. He took his shoes off and got in.

"I missed you babe so much," he said tearing up. He leaned over and kissed me with much passion. I ran my fingers through his hair and tugged, just like he liked it. He moaned. Then he licked my lower lip asking for entrance, which I granted. We kissed like that for five minutes and then pulled away.

"Wow," I said.

"That's how much I missed you," he said. I put my head on his chest and he played with my hair. Short time after I heard him lightly snore. Sure enough he fell asleep. There was nothing left to do but go back to sleep, so I fell asleep too.

Harry's P.O.V.
I woke up the next morning to see Anna sleeping on my chest. I kissed her forehead, making her eyes pop open.

"Oh, I didn't mean to wake you," I said.

"I wasn't sleeping anyway," she said smiling. Oh how I missed her smile!

"Well then, good morning," I said smiling.

"Morning," she yawned and stretched out.

"OW!," she yelped.

"Are you okay?," I asked.

"Yes, except I can't stretch, because it hurts my scar," she said, pulling her shirt up, exposing her scar. It wasn't that big, maybe an inch or two.

"That doesn't look pretty," she sighed. I kissed her scar.

"Doesn't matter. I love you even if you had a ten inch scar," I said. She slapped my arm and laughed.

"Really??," she asked.

"Yes," I said and kissed her.

"Hey guys!!," Louis said walking in, "Oh, am I interrupting something?"

"No," Anna said.

"Good," he said and walked over and gave Anna a banquet of flowers.

"There beautiful!," she exclaimed.

"It's from all of us," Louis said.

"Thank you," she said.

"I got you something too," I said.

"Something from only me," I continued and got out of bed to the closet. I got the guitar and walked to Anna. She had her hand on her mouth. I gave it to her and she admired it.

"It's beautiful!," she said as her eyes teared up.

"But not as beautiful as you are," I said and kissed her cheek.

"I feel like it's my birthday or something ," she giggled.

"We just missed you that's all...," Louis said.

Then the doctor walked in.

"Hello," he said and smiled.

"Hi," I said.

"Nice guitar," he said. Anna put the guitar down.

"Yes it is," she said and smiled at me.

"Okay Anna, you'll be able to get out of the hospital in two days, but you must be very careful with those stitches," he said.

"I will, but there is one problem. I'm going on tour with the boys and I won't be able to come here to get my stitches out," she said.

"That's fine. We'll call you the day you need them out and we'll consult the nearest hospital and tell them what to do," he told her.

"Okay," she said. The doctor smiled and left.

"So what ya wanna do?," Louis asked.

"Could everyone come to the room? I want to play truth or dare," she said smiling.

"Okay," Louis said and ran off to find the others.

"You know you can get into a lot of trouble playing that game, especially with Lou," I told Anna, lying down beside her.

"Yeah, but that's my favorite game," she said.

Anna's P.O.V.

"So Louis you wanna go first?," I asked when everyone got settled in my tiny room. Well everyone except Zayn. He went to pick up Perrie at the airport.

"Okay Harry...," Louis said and looked at Harry. Harry groaned.

"Truth or Dare?," Louis asked.

"Dare," Harry said.

"I dare you to kiss Anna for two whole minutes with tongue!," he exclaimed.

"Okay," Harry smiled and gladly smashed his lips to mine and slipping his tongue in. The others just smirked. We pulled away two minutes after.

"Okay Louis, Truth or Dare?," Harry asked.

"You know I'm always dare," Louis smiled.

"I dare you to go out into the hallway and go to the nearest nurse you see and tell her you love her boobs," Harry smiled.

"Okay," Louis said and left. We all started laughing.

"Harry were's Rachel?," I asked Harry.

"She's getting ready for the tour. She was here yesterday tho," he said.

"Oh," I said as Louis walked into the room, red as a beet.

"So...?," Liam asked.

"Why did it have to be an old one?," Louis cried. We all laughed.

"What did she say?," Niall asked.

"Kids these days, and then she walked away," Louis said.

"Yeah, next time you better ask for truth Lou," Harry said. Louis glared at Harry.

"I'll get even with you Haz," he said. 

*two hours later*

The boys had left and me and Harry were cuddling together and watching Friends on the small T.V. in my room.

"Babe are you excited about coming with me?," Harry asked.

"More then ever," I smiled.

"How does sex on the tour bus sound?," he asked.

"Harry!," I slapped him on his arm. He grinned.

"Must you always have to be dirty minded?," I asked.

"I'm not always dirty, just sometimes," he said. I put my head back down on his chest.

A short while after, I got a dirty idea. I slid my hand down to Harry's crotch and rubbed my hand against it.

"Anna..," Harry groaned and closed his eyes. I unzipped his zipper and put my hand in and rubbed harder.

"Anna stop," Harry groaned even loader. Satisfied, I pulled my hand out and zipped his zipper and continued watching T.V. as if nothing happened. Harry opened his eyes and looked down at me.

"Your in big trouble," he said.

"Really?," I asked.

"Yes, as soon as we get back to your house it's payback time," he said.

I giggled. Oh, how I missed him!

Harry's P.O.V.

For the next two days I spent all my time with Anna. Today she was coming home finally. We were going to spend a week together at her house, before the tour starts.

"Okay, so we'll consult the nearest hospital when it's time to get your stitches out," the doctor said.

Anna was out of bed and she was leaning on my shoulder for support.

"Thank you for everything doctor," I said reaching out to shake his hand.

"No problem. Anna should be all right now after her surgery," he said smiling at her. We walked out of the hospital to the van waiting for us. Louis was here to pick us up.

"Hey love-doves! How are you doing today?," he asked.

"Good thanks," I said smiling. I helped Anna get in.

"It's good to be going home. But I wish I could see my parents before the tour starts," Anna said sighing. I kissed her forehead.

"Maybe on a day off we could come back here, so you can see them," I told her.

"That would be nice," she said leaning into my chest.

*15 minutes later*

"Do you want to hang out somewhere later maybe?," Louis asked as I was helping Anna to the front door of her house.

"Yeah. We could go to a Chinese Buffet. I really have an appetite for it, and I know a good place," Anna said smiling.

"How about I pick you up at seven?," Louis said.

"Sounds good," I said.

"Okay, see you then," he said and pulled out of the driveway.

"Well it's one-thirty. We six hours and a half, what do you want to do babe?," I asked Anna as she found the key to the door.

"Um, watch something on T.V. I guess," she answered. 

Anna's P.O.V.

I opened the door and stepped in. My bags where still there were I left them, and there was a letter on top of them.

"What's this?," I asked taking the letter and sitting down on the couch. Harry went into the kitchen to find some food. I read the letter....

Dear Anna, 

I'm so sorry for what happened. I really don't understand what took over me when I yelled at you like that. I guess I just can't stand to see my little girl grow up so fast. As you probably know by now we're on another business trip in Europe. I wish it didn't have to be like this. I really want to hug you and tell you how sorry I am. Harry is such a nice guy. I saw in the hospital how much he cares about you.I hope you have a great time with him on tour. Again, I am so sorry it had to be this way.
-xx Mom and Dad


"So what's it say?," Harry said and sat down beside me. I gave it to him.

"An apology, I guess," I said. Harry read the letter.

"She likes me," he smiled when he came to the part written about him. I smiled.

"I think I want to call my mom and tell what really happened exactly," I said and got up to get the phone.

"Okay babe," Harry said . I went and sat at the kitchen table and dialed my mothers number. 

Harry's P.O.V

As Anna left to call her mom, I took the remote to the T.V. and turned it on. Skipping through the channels I stopped on America's Funniest Home Video's, knowing Anna loves this program. Short time after she walked into the room and sat down beside me.

"So, how did it go?," I asked.

"Good. I told my mom everything, but she still thinks it's her fault," she said snuggling into my chest. "But it's not," she finished.

I kissed the top of her head.

 "So whatcha wachin'?," she asked.

"America's Funniest Home Video's ," I told her.

"Yay! My favorite!,"she smled. I chuckled. 


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