She Is Love

Anna goes to a 1D book signing, but she doesn't know it will change her whole life. Even her parents can not keep her from seeing her love: Harry. Read to find out if Harry and Anna will be able to stay together! PG-13


21. Hospital

 Anna's P.O.V.

 When we got to the hospital, the doctors rushed away with Harry and told e to wait in the waiting room. Here I cried my eyes out until I felt a familiar grip. It was Liam, he and the others had finally come. "How is he?," Louis asked, sitting on the other side of me. "They just rolled him away through those doors," I said, pointing to the doors through which the doctors rolled my love away. "It's okay Anna, he'll be fine," Liam said giving me a hug. "I brought you some clothes to change in," Rachel said handing some clothes to me. "Thank you," I faintly answered. I looked around to find some bathrooms nearby and went to change. After I was done, I looked into the mirrors above the sinks. I was all puffed up. I splashed myself with cold water, but it didn't help much. And then in the back of my mind I heard Harry's voice saying, "Wait for me!" which was the last words I heard. I started crying again.

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up to see some random people in masks around me. "Where am I?," I asked. "In the hospital, you fell and hit your head pretty badly," one doctor answered taking his mask off. So did the others. Then I realized I couldn't turn my head. "Oh sorry, forgot to tell you, you can't move your head cause we put it in a brace that your going to have to wear for only three days," explained one nurse. "Do you remember anything?," the doc asked. "Um, hmmmmm, right......Oh! My! Gosh! Where is Anna???!!!," I almost  jumped out of the bed, but the doctor kept me down. "Woah there! Calm down! She's in the waiting room along with your band mates." "Can I see her?," I asked. "Yes, only first we need to get you to some room in which you can stay in," a nurse said. "Wait, then where am I now?," I asked. "This is the room in which we X-rayed your head to see if any damage happened to it. But nothing bad happened, you just cracked your head in the back a little and lost some blood," the doctor explained. "Nothing bad, that I cracked my head and lost some blood?," I laughed. "Ah, you know what I mean," he chuckled, "Okay, the nurse will take you to your room and I'll check on you later!" I waved as the nurse rolled me out. "After I help you into bed, I'll call your girlfriend, she'll probably will be happy that your all right. She's been crying a lot!," the nurse told me. "It's all my fault! I should know better then to run on a slippery floor!,' I said. "We make mistakes in our lives every now and then," the nurse smiled. We finally reached my room and she connected me to some stuff , put me into bed, and rushed off to find Anna.

Anna's P.O.V.

It took ages before we saw a nurse coming our way. "Great news! He's okay! He only cracked his head and lost some blood. But he's fine now," the nurse said smiling. "Can we see him?," I asked. "Of course! That's why I'm here. Harry's been asking for you a lot! Follow me please," she answered. Boy was I happy Harry was okay! We walked into his room and I could see him lying in bed. "HARRY!!!!," I cried and ran to his open arms. I just cried my eyes out while hugging him. "There, there...," he said patting my back. I slowly let go of him and noticed his neck-brace. "How long does he have to stay in it?," I asked the nurse. "Three days. About that long we shall keep him in the hospital," she answered, then excusing herself, left us alone. "Harry how many time did I tell you not to run on a slippery floor?," Louis said. We all laughed. "How much do you remember?," I asked him. "Well I remember you jumping out of the hot tub and running for the pool. And I jumped out after you, but once I reached the top I lost my balance and fell," he answered. "You must of fell hit your head and slide back into the hot tub, because that is where I found you," I told him. "Okay, Anna I'm guessing you'll be staying here, but the rest if us should go back to the hotel. It's like 3:00 in the morning!," Liam said. We said our goodbyes, and after everyone left Harry made some room and I slipped in beside him. I'm so happy he is okay! We fell asleep quickly.

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