She Is Love

Anna goes to a 1D book signing, but she doesn't know it will change her whole life. Even her parents can not keep her from seeing her love: Harry. Read to find out if Harry and Anna will be able to stay together! PG-13


12. Check-Up

 Harry's P.O.V.

 "Hello?," I said into the phone, I was calling the nearest doctors office's near Anna's house. I wanted to surprise her.

"Hello, this is Kathleen speaking, how can I help you?," the lady asked.

"Uh, yes. Does Anna Winnick have an appointment here today?," I asked.

"Yes, she does at 10:30 a.m.," the lady answered.

"Okay, I was just calling to make sure," I said.

"No problem. Anything else?," she asked.

"No, that's all, thank you," I replied, hanging up.

Okay so it was 9:30 a.m. I stopped by a hotel near Anna's town so I could do this. I wanted to meet her, surprise her, and ask her parents something important. It'll also make her feel better after having does stupid shots! I couldn't wait!

Anna's P.O.V.

We where driving towards the doctors. I sighed deeply.

"Can't I just go in alone when they call me in?," I asked.

"Of course not! we have to be there, what if something goes wrong?", my mom said.

Goes wrong? Yeah this was wrong, your parents watching you get a check-up like a four-year-old!

We pulled into the parking lot.

"Okay, we're running late," my dad said.

We sat in the waiting room like FOREVER! I pulled out my phone, found my headphones, and watched some 1D videos on YouTube, my favorite! Then I saw my mom standing up, talking to someone like...the doc. I stubbornly got up, pulled my headphones off, and studied the doctor. He looked sort of weird. We were taken to a room and the Dr. Ding Dong Head (*haha*) gave me my check-up. The nurse came in with the shots. I sighed.

"Okay now this will be like a bee sting," he told me. A bee sting! Does he think I like being sting by a bee?

"Ow!," I groaned. Jeez, I hated shots!

"Okay, the bill will be waiting for you in the front and Anna is as well as an elefant !," he said.

An elefant? Wow what a difference me to an elefant!

I sighed again. I missed Harry, I wish he was here to cheer me up. Two tears slid down my face, of which the doctor saw. My parents have gone somewhere with the nurse and I realized I was alone with him.

"Why are you crying? Does something hurt?", he asked.

"No," I answered annoyed. I heard my phone beeping. I took it out.

Louis sent me a picture of me and Harry kissing last night.

"Jeez, Louis," I said out loud before realizing it.

"Who's Louis?," the doc asked.

"Oh, my friend," I said.

"What did he send you that made you say that?"

"Um, a picture of me and my friend (boyfriend, I was thinking) doing stuff," I answered.

"What stuff?," he asked. Man! He was so picky!

"Nothing really," I said. My parents came in, thank God!

"Okay, Anna, ready to go?," my dad asked.

"Yup!," I answered, glad to be leaving. But my arms hurt so badly!

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