The Dragon born

Long time ago in land fare away from here, a cruel God ruled over humanity. One brave man stood up against the God, but in the fight the God called upon him te Northwind and the country froze down.
Nobody knows what happend to the Hero who stood up against the God, but everybody knew that the only way to get rid off the Northwinds cold grip, was to revive the frozen Hero and the only one who knew where the Hero where, was a person borned with the blessings of the new gods and the powers from a dragon.
They call this person, The Dragonborn.....


1. The Arrival of the Dragonborn...

They say that once there was a hero, who stood up against the ancient God.  Nobody knew who he was or where he came from. All what the people from this time knew, was that he was the last hope for their salvation.

   You see…. Not all gods are good. This god were cruel and kept the humankind in an iron tight slavery. Humans only existed for the god’s pleasure. Simply to do the farm work.

    They say that when the Hero’s sword clashed against the almighty god, the world shivered and flashy lights were seen from the battlefield.
   At last the Hero managed to do the finishing blow and the evil god was dying. But in his dying breath he called upon him the Northwind, and soon the land was covered in ice and snow.

The Hero was caught in the mittle of the storm and when the sun arose over the horizont on the fifth morning, no man could recognize the land and the Hero was lost.

   People think the Hero died in the storm or got frozen in a forever battle with the cruel god. But where this icetomb of his is, nobody knows.

  Now, the land is known as Saari. An ancient name for “The Iceland” because the Northwinds cold grip never left the land. The People became free, but the prize for their freedom was expensive. The land that were good for agriculture before, were now stone hard and cold. No live could grow out of it and all the animals ran away from the cold. Only a few harsh animals stayed.

   Even when the people are free, they still live in a cruel world, because there is only one rule; The strong ones lives and the weakest dies first.

   This is the curse from the evil god and so will it be until either the humankind extinct or a dragon born arrive to the country and frees it’s hero from his icetomb.  

    But again… This world has lost all hope after waiting 5 years for the dragon born.


Nobody had noticed her before. It was the first time she put her feet’s in this tribe and not even herself knew where she really came from.

   When she slightly passed the many small skincovered tents, people stopped whit whatever they were working with between the tents and just starred at her. Why were they starring at her?

  The people here all looked poor and their cloth were so dirty and old that the skin and leather almost felled apart. Some of the elder did not have shoes, and the ground were covered in a thick layer of snow, except from the main walking paths among the tents.

Somewhere behind her, she remembered that she saw a huge pile of something covered in the last nights snow. Properly rubbish.

   A child, no more than six was picking something out of the pile. She thought it was a shoe or a foot with a shoe. These people were at such a low state, that she should fit in.

   Or was there something strange about her?

She stopped when she reached the mittle of the settlement. The big square where there normally would be a huge fireplace for religious ceremonies were empty and the snow untouched.

From one of the nearby tents a mother came out, carrying her lifeless child in her arms. She had no feelings in her eyes, they were just empty and without noticing the strange newcomer, she walked straight towards what the newcomer thought was a pile of something. As the mother walked, with her back turned to the newcomer, the strange girl noticed her long black hair, which had not been taken care of for days, but despite that, it was beautiful. Actually all the people in the tribe had black hair and slightly tanned skin.

   Now she knew why people were looking at her. Her hair was yellowish, as the rising morning sun and her skin was almost as pale and white as the snow. Her feet was also bare naked and she whore only a small piece of torn skin, which only covered the most necessary.

   Had she lived in this world before? She did not remember. All she could remember was walking through the pale snow and then suddenly she saw the smoke from the tribe and thought she would go there. But where did she come from?

   Everything was silent and nobody said anything either. Except from the woman with the lifeless child, nobody moved as well.

  She breath heavily, while she realized, that it might not had been such an good idea to walk straight into the tribe, but she did not know why she had done it. Something had just told her to do it. 

  “Who are you” A strong man suddenly appeared from the outskirts of the square and slowly moved into the mittel circle where she stood. He looked strong and more healthy than most of the settlement. His thin face was covered in a few days old stubble and the hair… well it could use a comb and a haircut, because she could not tell whether it was half long and spiky or just a big mess, sticking out from his head in every possible direction.

   She just stood there and glared at his hair. Somehow she did not know how to talk, but she understood what he was saying.

  “I asked you a question… Who are you and what do you want here? We can’t feed you” he rose the voice a bit extra now en sounded angry. He did not come near her. He just stood still right where the square started.

   She looked down in the snow. Tried to remember how to talk and then she raised her head and looked at the man.

“I….” it took her time to form the word in her mouth and it felt difficult “I… I do not want… f-f-fo-food”  it was like she just used her mouth for the first time and her muscles cramped from the sudden movement. She bended her body forward and started to swallow her own spit really hard and do some weird movements with her jaw.

   The man looked at her and stepped back. The rest of the tribe went into their tents and hide. Everybody were scared of her.

  “N-n-no! Wait” She started to get a hang of the talking thing. It just felt strange.

“We don’t want you here! Our kids are starving as well, so go back to where you came from. No matter what you want we can’t help you” the man yealled at her while he kept stepping back, but not once turned his back to her. He might be too afraid for what there would happen, if he did.

  Why did she go into the tribe? What was it that she wanted from these people? She reached her hand in the direction of the speaking man “I… Don’t know what I want”

“Go away” said the man once again and suddenly other men came out from the tents where women had go in to hide. They carried spears and harpuns and she knew that if she did not leave now, she would properly be the target for all the weapons. But she did not want to leave. Actually she could not force her body to walk out of the settelment. She wanted to tell them something… something about a hero and big icelake.

   Suddenly pictures washed into her head. She put her hands around her head and started to scream, because it was so painful.

  A man caught up in an icy storm, immediately frozen. A sunrise as red as blood. As a bird she flew over a lake where the man now was frozen forever and with his last battle emotions.

   The tribe people got more scared of her screaming and then suddenly everything stopped and the whole world turned black for the strange girl.

  The clouds moved from the grey sky and a bright sun beam busted through and covered the girl, who now sat on her knees. As the light covered her in a magnificent, perfect small circle it also lifted her body, and formed a pair of invisible, unfolded dragon wings. They were glittering in bright light and she opened her eyes, where the pupil now had disappeared and instead her eyes had a light bluish glow.

   “The prayers of your people have been heard. I know where the frozen Hero is hidden” That was all she said and as sudden as the light had come out, as sudden the grey, gloomy clouds covered it again and the girl collapsed. Her pale skin was glowing against the white, untouched snow in the mittle of the square.

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