The Dragon born

Long time ago in land fare away from here, a cruel God ruled over humanity. One brave man stood up against the God, but in the fight the God called upon him te Northwind and the country froze down.
Nobody knows what happend to the Hero who stood up against the God, but everybody knew that the only way to get rid off the Northwinds cold grip, was to revive the frozen Hero and the only one who knew where the Hero where, was a person borned with the blessings of the new gods and the powers from a dragon.
They call this person, The Dragonborn.....


2. Let the journey begin

When she woke up again, she was inside a tent. The smoky smell from a nearby fireplace filled up the small tent room. But it looked like this tent was much bigger than all the other tents she had seen in the little settlement. Here she would properly be able to stand up in her full high. Was she still in the settlement or had they taken her to another place?

   She had just starred at the vault, skincovered roof for a while and then suddenly a young girl leaned over her with something in her hand. Properly medicin or water.

   “Oh… You are awake!” From the look of her expression, the young girl had sat next to her the whole time.

    “Yes… What happen?” She was awfully calm, despite the fact that she was the one that just had walked through the settlement and passed out.

  “You don’t remember?” The young girl, which black hair was put in a messy braid across her shoulder, looked confused at her. Despite the thin face, with the sticking cheekbones, she was actually beautiful and had a pair of raven black eyes.

   “No… “Still she did not move from her bedside. Did not even attempt to sit up and speak with the girl properly. She had just managed to turn her head just as much that she was able to look at her.

  “Well… Suddenly a light came down from the skies and dragonwings lifted you up. Then you told us that you knew where the frozen Hero was.” The black harried looked worried.

  “I’m… I’m with child and if we revive the frozen Hero, this land will be good for at child to grow up in.” The black harried had placed a hand on her womb and it was clearly that her eyes filled up with tears that she would not let run.

   The newcomer still did not move. She just looked at the almost crying young girl. Then suddenly she sat up and also placed a hand on the womb of the girl.

   “I praise that the new gods will protect this child and every child forward.”  Then she looked at the girl: “What is your name, young girl?”

  “My name is Dalia” the black harried said and smiled.

  “Mine is Yvette…. And I do remember now, everything” smiled blonde newcomer. “This world will diffidently change. I wish to speak with the chief of your settlement.”

   Dalia nodded and then put something in Yvettes hands “It’s some berries, they are not filling up your stomach, but it’s better than nothing and they are good” Then Dalia stood up and left the tent. Yvette opened her hand and in there seven berries lay. She smiled and slowly ate one berry at time.

  While she waited for the chief, she had the chance to glance some more at the round tent. She also noticed that the people had given her some untorned skin cloth. There were a lot of things in the tent. Different hunting tools as spear, harpoons and arrows. Then different animal craniums but they were few. There were more jars and containers spread around in the tent, which properly contained berries, nuts and other different herbs. At last, the floor was covered with bark from trees and where she lay they had put two thick reindeer skins. Where there reindeers up here?

  Suddenly the barkplate for the entrance was pulled aside and a large man stepped in. He had to bend his neck, to be able to stand in the tent, where Dalia had no problem standing in here. As everyone else his face was thin and the hair a mess. But his cloth signaled that his was a higher status with more decoration and less worn spots.

  “So… I heard you were awake, Dragonborn”  he said, walking around the fireplace and sitting down just next to her.

  “There is no need to call me that. Yvette is fine” She smiled at him and did not really know where to this conversation.

  “Very well, Yvette, I will call you then” he smiled back and defiantly looked like somebody who did not intend to start the conversation. Yvette sighed and took a deep breath in. She still only remembered bits and pieces, but she did know the part about the frozen Hero.

  “I will need at least two of your men to accompany me on the travel” She said after a brief silence. “I will need some of your strongest men that can fight and know how to navigate in the land.”

  The chief were silent. He leaned forward and rested his chin in the palm of his hand and just stared into the fire. His chin was slightly covered by a black and greyish beard and his hand stroked the small, short braid.

  “We will do anything to help you, Yvette, but I do not have any strong men. I suppose you saw how this settlement looked like before. We are all dying and only the strongest are still alive, but they have become weak. My own daughter, you meet before, I’m not sure I will ever see my grandchild.” He had spread out his arms in despair “Everyone have lost their hope, and are just waiting for death. I can provide you with two men that know this country, but of what use they will be to protect you I don’t know”

   She looked down and and understood what the chief was saying. She still did not know what danger they would meet. All there were in her head were flashy pictures of the Hero fighting the god and then froze down.

   “It will do with the two of them” she raised her eyes and looked directly at the chief. Without further words it was an agreement between them. Now time was running short.

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