A bad boy can be good for a girl!

"I can't help it. There's just something about him!"

Josie, Nicolette and Aviva are three very different girls who meet the same bad boy with an irresistible knack for getting into their blood and under their skin. Each is sure that she can keep a cool head, but how much are they really in control?


2. the whole truth

All that stuff I just said absolutely swear-to-god true, but the rest of the truth the whole truth is lately I don't have as right a grip on my confidence as usual. I mean, this is high school. Sure, I was pretty popular in middle school, but you never know how these things are going to turn out. What if what Kim and Caroline call my natural look is considered totally lame in high school? What of wanting to read during lunch makes me a total geek? What if I don't fit in at all? It's funny how one night can change the way you look at certain things. I mean, I believe 100 per cent that high-school boys don't hold any magical key or anything but that's not the same as saying they're all bad. Some of them aren't so bad. Like, maybe, this one. I saw him across the gym before he saw me. He was scoping things out at the fall fling, looking for that one lucky freshman to win the prize of dancing with the study senior. I think he picked me because I looked right at him as if I couldn't care less. I couldn't care more. My heart was pounding, palms sweaty. Hit me like a surprise party you cross-your-heart had no idea anyone was throwing you. Now, I have never understood all the he's-my-other-half soul mate stuff or when people sometimes talk about having an empty space inside or that they're missing pieces or something. But then he walked over and fit himself right into my puzzle.

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