A bad boy can be good for a girl!

"I can't help it. There's just something about him!"

Josie, Nicolette and Aviva are three very different girls who meet the same bad boy with an irresistible knack for getting into their blood and under their skin. Each is sure that she can keep a cool head, but how much are they really in control?


3. first(real) date: part one

I think mum is a little bit worried the first guy I'm dating is a senior. She should know me better then that. I never do anything I don't want to do. That's not going to change. I mean, when everyone thought it was so cool to sit on the sea wall and puff through a pack of Marlboro lights, I had a blast sitting there laughing, telling them how truly stupid and uncool they really were, actually, caught big and sputtering and wanting to puke, yeah real sexy, dopes. Give me some credit. I never do anything I don't want to do. Period. He picks me up in his brand-new Mazda miata. I hate to admit it, but he kind of cracked my cool-as-a-cucumber exterior I tried to pull off at the dance (even though I'm hoping he didn't notice I talked way to fast) but now all he's talking about is how many horsepowers his stupid car has and the torque and how he almost picked cherry red but he's so stoked that they had this sweet ocean colour come in at the last minute and I'm starting to think maybe I made big mistake, but I just smile and nod, like the idiotic bobble head planted in the middle of his dashboard, pretending this is the most interesting conversation ever. Man, I hope he doesn't keep this up too long. We pull in to smiles. The parking lot is alive, too many radio stations blaring kids making out in cars sitting on hoods eating hot dogs high-fiving smoking various things drinking various things talking too loud about nothing. Real fun. Inside the scene isn't all that different except it's another kind of dark punctuated by the bright lights of too many pulsing video games jammed up against each other. We walked over to a big bunch if seniors by the batting cages he drapes his arm around me real possessive, which should have immediately brought out my I-can-take-care-of-myself attitude, but instead stirs this way-foreign tingly 'oh my god, he really likes me' rush. (Lane! Did I just actually think that?) 'dude!' 'Who's the babe? Freshmeat?' One of the jocks says, right in front of my face. 'Get it freshmen, freshmeat?' He's laughing hysterically, like this is the most hilarious thing anyone has ever heard. 'Yeah, got it. Guys this is Josie' a round of hi's, how's it goin's and what's up's are tossed in my general direction. 'Hi.' I never thought this scene would interest me but actually I feel really, I don't know, included I guess. With his arm wrapped around me pulling me into a group, and not just any group, the coolest most popular group of seniors, even though the guys are fairly juvenile.

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