The Beautiful Mysteries

Two girls with lives you couldn't even imagine possible.


3. Cecilia's POV: Wake Up Call

    I went upstairs to check on my sister. She was STILL sleeping. I shook her awake. " Ava, WAKE UP!". She mumbled in her sleep and turned over. Ughhhhh, she'll probably be asleep for HOURS!!, I thought.


                  I pull on her dyed red hair. " OK, I'M UP!" she yelled at me. I flinched, but stood tall. "Well then, come eat breakfast," I replied. She got out of her bed. She was wearing red skull pajama pants and a old t-shirt. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move in her bed.


              "THERE IS SOMETHING IN YOUR BED!!!!!!!!" I screamed. " Cecilia it's just-," she started to say. But I cut her off with another scream and I ran out the room. I ran to the stairs and started to fall, because of that huge bump I hate.

              I could see my life flash before my eyes,but that's when I willed my body up towards the ceiling. I could feel and see my self floating towards the ceiling." We really should get that bump fixed" Ava said sleepily. With a yawn she started towards breakfast with me flying after her.



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