The Beautiful Mysteries

Two girls with lives you couldn't even imagine possible.


4. Ava's POV: Parents.....Am I Right?!

                        I grabbed a muffin and a cup of coffee. I sat down and ate on the counter. Cecilia came in flying and landed. She grabbed a bowl for cereal. " Mom and Dad want to talk to us" She said  quietly. I closed my eyes and said with my mouth full crumbs "Mhy?". " I don't know why, but you're cleaning that up!" She replied wholeheartedly. Then our pure bred German Shepard named Rascal ( btw he's a boy) came in and started licking up the crumbs. " Already taken care of," I said smiling. She just shook her head, smiled ,and ate. 

                        I went upstairs after eating and got dressed. Today I wore tight black skinny jeans and a black shirt with a cross on it and matched it with a beanie and my black with red laced Convers. Cecilia wore a white blouse with pink overall shorts with hot pink high tops with black shoe laces. She put her hair in a high messy ponytail. " Girls?" I heard my mother called. My sister and I looked at each other.

                      We both stared at our parents in silence. Then we got tired of staring and started yelling about how we're mistakes and worthless and how we're embarrassments.. Our parents are stubborn and want the best for us, but just so they look good. " SHUT THE FUCK UP!" yelled our mother. Suddenly our father stood up. We both instinctively took a step back and cowered in fear of the huge burly man as he glared at us.

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