What is going on?

Jamie is a girl, a girl who is not so in love with one direction. When One Direction comes to her house to stay at for 1 year because of the fans, things might change .


11. The Fight

Niall's turn. Okay he replied. Truth or dare? Well I am going to say truth because I think I know what Jamie will do to me, so truth. Okay......... Are you dating anyone? Asked Harry. NO!!! Yelled Niall 

Well you really should your a loner, Said Louis. Yeah well so are you, 

Not for long, Um really who you crushing on? Then everything got quiet. Someone. Louis slowly replied Who? SOMEONE!!!! Shouted Louis.Well looks like i am not the only loner here. Said Niall. GUYS STOP FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yelled Jamie. You guys are not loners, you just have not found the perfect girl yet. I have....... said Louis. Me too.... Said Niall. Me too...... replied the others. Well things just got awkward. 



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