What is going on?

Jamie is a girl, a girl who is not so in love with one direction. When One Direction comes to her house to stay at for 1 year because of the fans, things might change .


10. The dare.....

Why do you want me to do that? Jamie asked

Just do it, it is a dare... Or you can chicken out and then you would have to do whatever we say for the rest of he month.

Fine...Jamie replied, but just remember this, I HATE YOU!!!!

Jamie went into her room and took off her clothes and looked out the window were all the boys where. Come on!!!! We already see you anyway, and no one is home.

Fine Jamie crawled out of the window in a rush and ran around the yard 5 times. The boys say there staring at her boobs as they where moving up and down up and down by the time she was done the boys were practicaly drooling.

She went back inside and put her clothes back on. She looked out the window and the boys where still standing there frozen. Really?!! She yelled 

You know people are going to see you out side then there is going to be a big mob around you right? Jamie said

At that the boys bolted inside.

Thank god that dare is over. Jamie said to herself.

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