What is going on?

Jamie is a girl, a girl who is not so in love with one direction. When One Direction comes to her house to stay at for 1 year because of the fans, things might change .


4. Runnig into Harry

I woke up, It was another sunny day. I got ready for school when i heard my mom calling my name. "Jamie! Jamie! Don't forget it is summer break!"

"OH yeah thanks for reminding me!" I yelled back.

I walked out of my room when I walked  into Harry. "Opps sorry bout that." I said. "How are you?" Harry asked me. "Um good I guess." "Thats good" Said harry. "Hey Jamie you should some to the beach with me,Niall,Zayn,Liam,and Louis." Um sure when?" I asked. "In a hour" "OK" I said. I went to my room and got ready. I put on my bikini And sunscreen, also i grabbed my flip flops and a towel along with my sun glasses and a beach hat. Ok i am all ready to go to the beach I said to myself. When I was walking out of my room this time I walked into Zayn. "I was just coming to get you Jamie." He  said. "Well here i am."  We walked out and we got into the car with the other 4 boys.

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