What is going on?

Jamie is a girl, a girl who is not so in love with one direction. When One Direction comes to her house to stay at for 1 year because of the fans, things might change .


3. Home

When Jamie got home she saw 5 boys in her house, Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry. "Hello they all said at the same  time."

"Oh um hey I said." They looked shocked. "What is wrong with you guys?" 

"We have never ment a girl who is so relaxed about seeing us." They all said at the same time again. "Oh yeah I am not one of your little fans, I don't freak out about you guys to me your music is just lame."

"HEY!" They all yelled again.

"I never said I did not like your looks, I just said i don't like your music." I walked up stairs into my room. I better not tell Carly she will just scream and tell everyone. Jamie said to herself.

Also I wondered why they were so mad I was the only girl who does not freak when I see them? I don't care for their music don't they know that? Whatever I just need some sleep.

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