What is going on?

Jamie is a girl, a girl who is not so in love with one direction. When One Direction comes to her house to stay at for 1 year because of the fans, things might change .


6. After the kiss

"What the heck Louis!'' Yelled Jamie. ''We like just met and you just kiss me! What the heck!''

"Well i am sorry. I just like you Jamie you are just so cute.''Really Louis that is what you think of me?'' "Yes Jamie it is what I think of you." ''Well that is sweet, but why did you not tell me you liked me yesterday?'' I don't know, I just thought it would be wierd to tell you right after you walked into the house." "Ok true it would have been wierd." "Are you ready to go" yelled the 4 guys. "Yeah" Jamie  and Louis both yelled together.

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