Shattered Glass

Honour was a Junior in high school. She made straight A's and never really had any enemies but many friends. When her life takes a dramatic turn for the worst, who will be there for her when she needs them?


10. Chapter 9

    “Do you know who did it?” He asks as I sip on a cup of hot chocolate. It was dark outside now, the only light in the house was on in my room. All the doors were closed and locked, the alarm system armed and ready to give somebody a heart attack if there was an intruder.


    “No. I, uh.. I couldn’t really see him.” I mumble around another sip. It hurts, but I need to talk about it. At least with one person, even if they aren’t a professional.


    “Did you tell the police?” Harry rasps.


    I shift uncomfortably on my bed, refusing to make eye contact with him. My silence was enough for him to know the answer was no. He sighs and sips on his own mug of chocolate goodness. 


    “You need to tell your parents. At least let them know.” He states, taking me by surprise. I almost choke on the bit of coco I was taking in mid-swallow.


    “And tell them what?” I ask, looking at him for a few seconds before adverting my eyes to my dresser across the room.


    “Tell them what happened. They need to know.” Harry responded, setting his empty glass down on the floor beside my bed. He shifts back, leaning against my headboard as he stretches out.


    “How am I supposed to tell them what happened when I don’t even know?” I snap, aggravated that he would even suggest that. 


    “What do you mean? Was you drugged?” Harry rumbled, his eyebrows pulled down as he frowned. My cheeks got red and i refused to look at him.


    “Not exactly.” I mumble into my mug, savoring the last sips.


    “Were you drunk?” Harry asked, huffing as I nod my head once.


    “I didn’t take you as a drinker.” Harry stated, disappointment thick in his voice.


    “I’m not anymore, I can assure you of that.” I say but the thought of getting drunk right now sounds great. At least I’ll be distracted. I shrugged off the thought and crawled off my bed, retrieving Harry’s mug from the floor.


    I leave the room silently, hearing his loud thumps behind me as he follows me through the house. I freeze in the kitchen doorway, shaking my head. The fridge door thumped shut and Niall grinned at me. His grin fell as his eyes locked on Harry as he appeared at my side.


    “You know this one, too?” He rumbled, his eyes locking with Niall.


    “Oh yeah.” I mumbled, walking to the sink and placing the cups there.


    “Who’s this, Cole?” Niall asked, his tone clipped and short as he pronounced my nick name and I mentally cringed. Here we go.


    “Cole?” Harry asked in confusion. I ignored him and turned towards one of my best friends.


    “Niall, this is Harry. Harry, Niall.” I say, motioning between the two boys. Niall put down his sandwich and eyed Harry, inspecting him.


    “Lou said there was a giant over here but I figured he’d be gone by now. Honour, where’s your parents? Does your dad know he’s over?” Niall asked, sounding like an adult family member.


    “My mum and dad are in Ireland for the next week or so. And mum knows he’s here.” I say, feeling like a scolded child.


    “What’s he still doing here? I’ve never been able to stay this late.” Niall questions, his eyes now trained on me. I shift uncomfortably under his gaze, crossing my arms over my chest.


    “We were talking and lost track of time.” I respond, leaning back against the sink counter.


    “Hm. Well, I assume you’ve been doing more than talking because both of you are in sweatpants. I assume Louis doesn’t know he’s wearing his joggers, does he?” Niall says, crossing his own arms over his chest. My face shoots up in flames as I glance at Harry, his own cheeks tinted a light shade of pink. Mine is probably bright red. 


    “Er, it’s not like that. We got caught in the rain and he needed dry clothes. And, uh, no. Lou doesn’t know. Please don’t tell him, that’s the last thing I need right now.” I say, my eyes widening a little.


    “Fine. I won’t. He needs to leave, Honour.” Niall says, his big brother side coming out.


    “I think she can be the one that decides that.” Harry speaks up, his voice low and raspy. Niall shifts his body towards him, acknowledging his presence.


    “I know how her parents are. If they find out, she’s in trouble. Do you want to get her in trouble?” Niall asks, raising his eyebrows at him. Harry smirks.

    “Both of her parents?” Harry asks, his smile widening as Niall nods his head.


    “That’s funny. Her mum told me that I could stay as long as I liked. I can even stay the night, if Honour would like me too, of course.” Harry said smugly, watching Niall’s face drop.


    “She really say that?” Niall asked, turning towards me. I nod my head, not sure how he would take the news.


    “Oh. Well, then.” was all he said, grabbing his sandwich.


    “I guess I’ll leave you to it, then.” Niall says, standing toe to toe with me as he reached behind me and placed his plate in the sink.


    “Niall, you can hang out if you want.” I offer weakly as he stepped back.


    “If you really wanted me to stay, you would have texted me back. I’ll talk to you later.” Niall mutters, taking a few steps before turning towards me, a smile on his face as he glances at Harry before his eyes locked with mine.


    “My shirt looks good on you by the way.” He slurs before turning on his heel and walking away, leaving me red faced.


    “Ex-boyfriend?” Harry rasps, humor in his tone.


    “No, more like my other guy best friend.” I say back, shaking my head. I turn out the kitchen light and make my way back up to my room, Harry on my heels.


    “You know, you keep calling them best friends but it’s kinda obvious that they both have the hots for you.” Harry says, making me shake my head.


    “No, they don’t. Louis is just a natural flirt and Niall only acted like that you try to aggravate you.” I explain, shutting my bathroom door and making my way across the room. 


    I turn on my lamp and brush by Harry, turning out the main light in my room. The room goes dark with the exception of the dim light glowing by my bed side. Sighing, I plop down on my bed, rubbing my eyes. It’s been a long day. Harry follows my actions, sitting on the end of my bed, crossing his legs.


    “I really don’t think they know that. They seem to think they own you.” Harry says, his eye sparkling though he frowned.


    “We’ve known each other for a really long time. Like, forever.” I say, yawning.


    “Hm. How do they keep getting into your house?” Harry rumbles, brushing his tousled curls out of his face.


    “Lou got in through my window by climbing that tree.” I say, pointing to the window with the view of the tree. 


    “And Niall probably came through the outside door to the basement. It has a lock but he has a copy of the key so he can come in when my parents are out or asleep. There are a lot of ways into my house.” I mumble as I yawn again.


    “Hm. You should really change that. I should go. You need some sleep.” Harry said, standing.


    “You can stay.” I rush out, panicking. 


    “I don’t really wanna be at home alone tonight. It’s creepy.” I explain, my cheeks going pink.


    “Are you sure?” He asks and I nod my head.


    “Yes, I’m sure. Besides, it’s late. You should let your parents know where you are though.” I say, shuffling around on my bed to slide underneath the covers.


    “My mum doesn’t care. I guess I’ll head down to the living room.” Harry says, making his way to the door.


    “You can sleep in here.” I find myself saying, making him turn around.


    “Er, you can make a pallet on the floor, if you want. I don’t mind. The extra blankets should be in the top of my closet.” I say, stumbling out of bed towards my double doored closet.


     I stand on my toes, stretching to reach the top shelf. I squeak as I snag a blanket, sending five more down with it. I gather the ones from the floor and turn around, finding an amused looking Harry watching me, his eyebrows raised as a small smile played on his lips. I didn’t say anything as I handed him the blankets, crawling onto my bed to watch. He’s a big boy, he can manage this on his own. He layers the blankets and folds the top one back, looking towards my closet for something.


    “Oh, here.” I say, grabbing one of my three pillows and tossing it to him.


    “Thanks.” He mumbles, dropping it at the top of the blankets.


    I watch him get situated, turning on his side to face me.


    “Goodnight, Honour.” He rasped, his voice low and deep as he looks up at me through his lashes.


    “Night, Harry.” I mutter, leaning over and clicking the light off, plunging us into darkness.

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