Shattered Glass

Honour was a Junior in high school. She made straight A's and never really had any enemies but many friends. When her life takes a dramatic turn for the worst, who will be there for her when she needs them?


5. Chapter 5

    Days trudged by slowly, my drawing of the green eyed boy coming along slowly as well. I focused on his hair first, that being the most difficult feature to draw of him. Curls scattered across my page, slowly being filled in with the proper curves and twists. I glanced up at him every now and again, getting a fresh view of my human example of what it needed to look like. I started on the facial structure, the strong jaw bone and the round chin. 


    My pencil flew across the paper, the beautiful make of the basics of his face slowly making their presence known on my white page. I zeroed in on his eyes, determined to get the perfect. If nothing else looks right, his eyes will be perfect. I won’t except anything less. 


    I glanced up at the boy, startled to see that he was already looking at me. His eyes were gentle and soft as he inspected my face, making heat rise into my cheeks. I duck back down to my original position, refusing to lock eyes with him any more than nessicary. Dark lines were drawn, bringing the eyes that sparkled at me to life as I etched in the detail. I jumped when the bell rang to go home, causing me to snap the pad shut and shove into my bag along with the pencils. I can put those back in place when I get home.


    I snatch my bag up from the floor, rushing past Harry before he could stop me. I’ve been doing this for most of the week. It’s Friday now and my picture is almost done. I just have to add a few details and finish up a few loose ends that I can finish at home and ta-da. A master piece will be finished. I just won’t turn this one in for the brag board, which is a big pin board where my art teacher pins up the best work of the week. I jump as I felt someone grab my arm, pulling me back into the class room. My heart beat fast as I turned around, meeting a pair of vivid green eyes.


    “Why have you been avoiding me? Did I do something?” Harry rumbled, his accent thick.


    “Uh. Um... No. Y-you haven’t done anything t-to me.” I stutter, my thoughts getting jumbled as his scent clouded and jumbled my thoughts.


    “Are you sure? You don’t talk to me no matter how many times I try to start a conversation.” Harry said, brushing his curls out of his face.


    “Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, I just.... I’m going through a... hard time right now.” I said, pausing to put it into the right words. At least I’m not lying to him.


    “Oh. I’m sorry. I should have came about it a different way. Do you need anybody to talk to? I’m here if you need me.” Harry rasped, giving me a charming smile.


    “Oh, no. I’m fine. I’m dealing well.” I say, though it sounds more like I’m trying to convince myself that I’m dealing okay with it. Am I?


    “Well, I’m here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on or a laugh.” Harry said, giving me a smile. I manage to smile back before looking down at my feet.


    “Ah, well.. I got to get home.” I mumble, taking a step back before turning around and walking away from him before he could call me out on my bluff.


    My heart beat slowed down as the cool wind flowed around me. I walked down the sidewalk, my head low and my pace fast as I headed home. Why can’t mom and dad just buy me a car? We have the money for it.  Dark clouds blocked out the sun, giving the tell-tell signs that it’s about to storm. I sigh as low thunder rolls, a small sprinkle of water splattering on my face as I look up at the sky.


    “Hey, you need a ride?” A voice asked from not far from my side. I glanced up, seeing a pair of emerald eyes looking at me. This kid never gives up, does he?


    “No, I’m good. My house isn’t far from here.” I say, declining his offer as politely has possible.


    “You won’t make it there without getting soaked. Get in.” Harry argued, his eyes darting up at the sky before coming back down to my face.


    “I’ll be fine, I promise. A little water never hurt anyone.” I say, starting to get annoyed with him, knowing he is right. It would look like I jumped into a swimming pool by the time I got home if I keep walking.


    “Look, I promise I’ll leave you alone if you let me take you home. I get it. You don’t like me like that. You don’t want to talk to me, it’s obvious. Just let me get you home so you don’t get sick and I’ll shut up. I promise.” Harry said, shocking me. Does he really think that about me?


    I sigh and give in, ignoring his smirk as I walk around the front of his black suburban. I opened the door and climbed in, not looking up to meet the heavy gaze that was trained on my face. One my seat belt was buckled and I was seated the proper way, Harry headed down the road.


    The ride was quiet with the exception of me stuttering and mumbling directions on how to get to my house. Harry didn’t say a word, his mind focused on something as he drove. His jaw was set and his look was stern as he pulled into my driveway, the rain pouring down as he parked the vehicle. We sit in silence for a moment, watching the rain wash down over the front windshield. I go to get out, my hand hesitating on the door handle. I can’t let him continue to think that about me.


    “I know you think that I don’t want to be around you. That I don’t want to talk or be friends. That’s not true.” I say, turning in my seat to look at him. 


    “Then why do you act like I’m going to cut you up and eat you every time I’m around you? Like right now, for example. You’re pressed back into the door and you have your hand on the handle. You look like your preparing yourself for an attack. Honour, did something happen to you?” Harry questioned, his voice softening as he ended the sentence.


    I relax into the seat, realizing that he was right. Every time I get around him, or any guys for that matter, I look for a quick way out just in case. It seems to be instinct now. I never put my back to in the corner. I never go into less populated areas. I don’t even talk to Niall or Louis anymore, not really. We exchange words in the hallway but every time they offer for some personal one on one friend time I decline and come up with a lame excuse for why I can’t.


    “I’m sorry.” Was all I could say, giving him an apologetic look before shoving the car door open.


    “Wait, Honour. I’m s-” Harry started, reaching for me as I quickly slid out the seat and closed the door, cutting him off. I hear him cuss but I ignore his calls as I scramble to find my keys as I run up to the door.


    “Dammit, Honour. I just want to talk.” Harry yelled as his own car door slammed shut.


    I freeze has warm, large hands wrap around the tops of my arms, spinning me around to face him. Green eyes stared down at me, his hair already dripping from the rain, making it stick to his forehead as he looked down at me.


    “I just want to help. Why won’t you let me?” He says softly, his eyes searching for something in mine.


    “I-I.... You can’t help me. Nobody can.” I say, trying to wiggle out of his grip.


    “You’re the only one that thinks that. I promise I can help. My sister went through the same thing. I promise, I’m not going to hurt you. Just let me help.” He rumbled as I trembled in his hands.


    “What are you talking about? Went through what?” I ask, my jaw chattering from the ice cold rain the has now officially soaked through my clothes. I knew I should have just walked home.


    “Don’t make me say it. You know what I’m talking about. My sister went through the same thing you are going through. It doesn’t get any better if you continue to ignore it.”  Harry said, pulling me towards my house.


    “What did your sister go through?” I ask, starting to feel afraid. Does he know that I was raped? How can he tell? If he can tell, how many others know? 


    “She went through an abusive relationship, too. She made it through and I want to help you through it.” Harry said, as he picked up my keys off the ground and handed them to me.


    Relief rushed through me as I sigh. He doesn’t know. I fumble with the keys and open my front door, stepping through. Harry followed me, keeping a reasonable amount of space between us, making me silently praise him.


    “Honour, is that you?” My mom called from somewhere in the back of the house.


    “Yeah.” I yell back, hearing her heels click clack down the stairs.


    “Me and your dad have to fly out to Ireland for the the next week. We won’t be home un-” My mom chatter as she reached the bottom step, stopping as she caught sight of me and the boy behind me.


    “Who’s this?” My mom asked, a pleased smile coming onto her face.


    “I’m Harry Styles, ma’am.” Harry rumbled, his hand finding the small of my back as he leans around me to shake my mothers hand. A shiver goes up my spine, making the hairs on my neck stand. This is going to be interesting.

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