Shattered Glass

Honour was a Junior in high school. She made straight A's and never really had any enemies but many friends. When her life takes a dramatic turn for the worst, who will be there for her when she needs them?


4. Chapter 4

    I make it out of lunch alive, untouched by any of my peers. My stomach growls but I ignore it, telling myself that I will eat when I get home. I didn’t eat lunch though Niall and Louis begged me to. I just shrugged it off and said I wasn’t good enough to eat without losing my lunch. They backed down. Green eyes didn’t have my lunch, part of me happy because I didn’t know what to think of him yet but the other part sad because he honestly seemed like a pretty sweet guy.


    The bell rang and it was back to class, leaving me slowly roaming the halls two minutes passed the late bell, heading towards the last glass of the day. Art. Out of all the classes I take, art has to be my favorite. I’m not the best but I can draw Hali Berry pretty good, my picture looks almost realistic. My teacher seems to think I will be a famous artist one day. I doubt it, but you never know.


    I slip through the door, quietly walking to my seat. I kept my eyes down, glad that Mrs. Mathews didn’t call me out. I must really look sick. I get to my seat and plop down, letting my bag slide of my shoulder and hit the floor with a muffled thud as the teacher spoke. I sat in the very back, beings I’m one of the best in the room. The teacher had everybody who needs the most help up front so I have one of the many empty seats of the back row.


    I looked around the room, not paying her any attention. She’s going over something I have already tried, done, and mastered. A familiar curly head caught my attention across the classroom, almost directly opposite of me. He’s leaning back in his chair, his head rested against the wall with his eyes shut. 


    Large arms were crossed at the chest, his chair leaned onto the two back stands though his long legs still touched the floor. A large hand came uncrossed to push dark curls away from his face before going back into its original position. White headphones trailed their way out of his ears into a device that was shoved into his pocket.


    Does he not want to take this class? Or does he just plan on failing? I sigh and shake my head. Maybe he already knows what she is going over as well. I quickly turn away as he stirred, dropping his chair down on all four legs as he looked around. I felt his eye son my face but I kept my head down, ignoring him. Maybe if I seem busy he won’t bother me. Something in my head tells me that I shouldn’t be like that towards somebody I don’t even know but I can’t help it.


    I dig through my bag and unearth my own iPod, unwrapping my headphones from around its thin silver body. My ear buds were in place and my music was spilling out of the tiny speakers, sending me into my own world as I got my sketchpad out. Special pencils and a smudger was neatly placed within reach. I pick up the right size and I begin.


    Strong lines were swept across the page, the dark image in my mind coming to life on the paper before me. Unknown shapes were made as I casted out shadows from the person, creepy and eerie. Smaller lines were made. The curl of hair. The small designs of a little girls dress. A torn teddy bear being drug on the ground as she walked away from the shadows. 


    I filled in the empty spaces with random objects that I would normally never draw. I spider making its web in the top corner and a broken jump rope not far from the little girls feet. I sit back and take in my drawing, frowning as I find it kinda terrifying. It’s always nice to know that I’m better at drawing bad things than I am good. I jump as one of my earbuds was pulled out of my ear, causing me to drop my pencil on my paper.


    “That’s creepy. Uh, creepy in a good way.” A voice rasps.


    I look up at the person, finding Harry sitting down across from me. His curls were brushed aside as he gave me a cheeky grin, making me actually crack a smile. He’s just too cute. But he can be too cute from a distance.


    “Um, thanks?” I say, flipping the page to a new one to hide my dark piece of art. It will be burned when I get home.


    “Do you mind? Me sitting here, I mean. If it will throw you off, I can move back.” He offered, his hands waving back and forth between the seat he was in and the place where he was currently at.


    “N-no, I don’t mind.” I stutter, mentally kicking myself. I need to stop with the stuttering.


    Harry smiles at me and nods his head, taking out his own sketchpad. I nod my head once before looking at my blank sheet of paper. What should I draw next? I look around the room for something happy to draw, trying to keep from creating another piece of an either year old nightmare. I sigh and give up, my eyes wondering to the body in front of me.


    Harry glanced up at me before looking back down at his paper again, seeming to be real busy in the next few seconds. I frown but shake it off. I kinda wanna see what he is drawing but I refrain myself from asking. His head was low as his pencil glided across the paper, his jaw set. There was a crease between his eyebrows from how focused he was on his drawing. He glanced up at me and I looked down at my paper, hoping he doesn’t think that I’m some kinda weirdo.


    Good, maybe he will leave you alone then.


    Oh, shut up. Like you really want this Greek God to leave you alone. Admit it. You like that he wants to talk to. That he wants to be around you. Just go on and say. Here. I will say it. You like him.


    I stop the self arguing as I sighed and started drawing. Random half circles were made before I changed it up a hit, peeking underneath my eyelashes at the boy seated across from me. He was to focused on his drawing to catch me inspecting him, seeing his his face never really changes as he penciled his ideas into the paper before him. I smiled in my head in triumph. I found my next portrait.

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