Shattered Glass

Honour was a Junior in high school. She made straight A's and never really had any enemies but many friends. When her life takes a dramatic turn for the worst, who will be there for her when she needs them?


3. Chapter 3

My other self didn’t have time retaliate as my other best friend walked up with a grin on his face. I try to smile but I probably looked like I just twitched my lips. 


    Blue-green eyes danced with happiness as he walked up to me, stuffing his hands into his front pockets.


    “Well, don’t you look so happy.” I say, shifting my bag.


    “I am. I had an amazing weekend. You just wouldn’t believe it. You going to history?” Louis smirked as he walked beside me as I nod my head.


    “Awesome. How was your weekend?” He asked, his eyes looking at me expectantly.


    “Uh.. It was.. eventful. What all did you do this past weekend? ” I say, finding myself not being able to feed him the lies that I had newly planned. Distracting him from my weekend would be to easy.


    “Oh, that sounds fun. And Friday night I made plans with this girl I like to hang out Saturday night at her friends party. We flirted and danced around for a while until she wanted to sneak off. We got a little down and dirty and I had her wanting to scream.” Louis informed me a little to much, stopping in mid-walk to bring his arms up beside each other by his face, rolling his hips into thrusts has his face scrunched up.


    Normally I would have found his actions hot, sexy. But today, I wanted to run. Like a little bunny rabbit, run from things that I even remotely thought could harm me or my mind. I wanted to giggle and laugh and tease but I had to shut down my mind, knowing what would pop up next. I managed to smirk at the boy, shaking my head at him.


    “So which girl are we talking about?” I ask, hoping to keep him off of me and last weekend.


    “I’m not telling you because you will go back a tell her. I know how you are, sneaky little Honour.” Louis grinned, tapping the tip of my nose with his first finger gently. 


    “I promise I won’t.” I manage, looking around me. Where is everybody?


    “I’m still not telling you. But, what I will tell you is that I’ve been in love with her since fifth grade. She’s gorgeous, Honour. You would approve.” Louis teased, stopping in front of our classroom door.


    “Well, I’m glad you had a great weekend, Lou.” I say, weakly smiling up at him before pushing past his body to get to my seat in the back.


    Lou followed my actions, plopping down next to me as I rested my head on the table in front of me.


    “You don’t look so good, Honour. You okay?” Louis whispered as the teacher began to speak.


    “I’m just tired. Didn’t sleep very well, I had a nightmare.” I whisper back, closing my eyes. Louis didn’t respond, probably not wanting to get caught talking anymore than he already has. He’s a chatter box, that boy.


    The teachers voice slowly faded out until it was just a mummer, nothing more than a soft buzz. My felt my mind being set free, avoiding the dangerous traps of the dark part of my brain. Not today. Not here. Not in the middle of the class.


    A loud snapping sound was made right beside me, causing me to jump back and sideways, trying to get away from what ever had come near me. I hear Louis yelp in surprise as I end up in his lap, my arms wrapped tightly around his head as I held him close to my chest. The teacher stood glaring at me, his hazel eyes hard and threatening. He popped the yard stick on the side of my seat again, making me jump.


    “I suggest you not sleep in my class, Miss McKinley.” He snaps before stalking off to the front of the class again. And this is the beginning of my day.




    I walk to lunch on my own, half the day done passed. I have one more class and then I can go home and hide in my room. I wonder if mom and dad would let me be home schooled. My mind is to busy with different schooling to hear heavy footsteps falling behind me. 


    I jump as warm hands clamp down on the top of my arms from behind, my body jerked back into theirs. I hold my breath as lips found my hear, hot breath fanning out over my cheek and neck.


    “You thought you had escaped me, didn’t you?” The voice rasped, sending shivers down my spine as I prepared a heart stopping scream.


    “Do you know what’s for lunch today? I’m starving.” An irish accent slurred as a strong arm was slung over my shoulder. My heart beats hard in my chest in relief, my eyes nearly tearing up as I calmed down. I shake my head at the boys question.


    “Dammit. Maybe Rebecca knows. Have you seen her?” Niall asked, sounding disappointed in me for not knowing what he was going to eat today.


    “Not since this morning.” I answer, adjusting my bag and Niall’s arm so they were both comfortable.


    “Oh. That sucks. Are you okay? I’ve seen you around today and you seem....different. Not as happy as you usually are. Are you feeling okay? You look like you might be sick. You just need to eat, that’s all.” Niall chirped, sounding as if food makes everything better.


    “I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, Nialler. I’ll be fine though.” Eventually I silently added in, looping my arm around his waist and resting my head on his shoulder as we walked.


    Niall is one out of two best guy friends that I have, Louis being the other. I’ve know both of these boys since fourth grade. Niall lives across the road from me with Rebecca, the Horan twins. Louis lives just down the road from me, we all used to ride the same bus. When I moved down here, I was stuck with these two boys. Naturally they teased and picked on me but once I showed them that I could take it, we got along fine. We’ve been inseparable since.


    “Do you want me to come over tonight? We can talk about it if you want to.” Niall offered, making me smile as small smile. 


    “Nah. If I change my mind, I promise I’ll let you crawl into my window.” I say, stopping just in front of the cafeteria doors.


    Ever since my thirteenth birthday  and a stupid kiss rumor, my dad as banned any and all boys from ever going into my room. Ever. There is a tree right beside my window that him or Louis climbs to get into my room, avoiding the front door and an argument between my mom and my dad about the whole boy-in-room situation. My mother doesn't see anything wrong with it as long as the door is open but my dad just won’t budge.


    Niall places his other arm on my shoulder, lowering his head to my level as he looks me in the eye.


    “I can tell something is different. Something you don’t like. You need to talk about it before it gets any worse. You can’t bottle up everything, Cole.” Niall said, his blue eyes soft and warm as he used my nickname. My full name it Honour Nicole McKinley. When we were little, Niall and Louis would make fun of me and call me Cole to aggravate me. It stuck and it’s even a little cute now, all depending on the tone of voice they use. I sigh.


    “I know. I promise I’ll let you know if I change my mind.” I say, giving him a small smile. He sighs. 


    Before he could say anything else, Louis bursts through the double doors to the lunch room, frowning. 


    “What are you two doing?” He asks, looking between me and the blonde. I could see his eyes locating where Niall touched me and how close we were. Niall dropped his arms, kissing me on the forehead before brushing my Lou.


    “Just talking.” He answers, motioning for me to follow him. I poke Louis in the tummy as I duck under his arm that was holding the door open. What’s his problem?



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