Beautiful nightmare

If your past came back to haunt you, would you choose to stay and fight or flee for your own good?


7. Time to wake up

I watch the clock ticking away wishing that the hours of school were nearly over. Listening to the droning on and on about something that wont really effect my life (massively anyway). There were more important things to be thinking about, why was Joyce suddenly being so quiet like she knows something that i dont, or the fact that something seemed to be nagging at the back of mind, something important, really important, something to do with Nathan... 


"Are you okay" the boy behind me seemed to be concerned?"You seemed to be falling asleep"he raised his eyebrows at me as if expecting an answer. Of course, he was the new kid that started last week, what was his name? 


"Oh... I just... well you know..." i was lost for words, something i never am, strange... 


"My names Luke, Luke Hunter, i just started here last week. I didn't mean to startle you, i just didn't want you to get into any trouble." his smile was comforting, warm and gentle as if i could trust him, strange as i dont trust people very easily. 


"Sorry i'm not exactly having the best day" my words were slowly coming back to me, piece by piece, step by step. 


"Wanna tell me whats up?" his words were wrapped in warmth, trust, making me want to tell him my problems, as if he could help some how. 


"Well it's kinda complicated as i dont fully know myself..." my voice trailed off at the sight of Nathan in the reflection of the water on the desk, his eyes filled with dark flames lapping up my vision as if i would never leave his gaze, strangely it was Luke who interrupted my thoughts, yet again. Although i didn't mind, it was weird as no one can interrupt my thoughts this easily, usually.


"Maybe you should try, you might be surprised", this boy really was a mystery. His blue eyes flowing with the colours of the sky, a mist of the sea brewing behind them, what else lies behind this mysterious boy? 


"I suppose it cant hurt to try". So i explain to him what has been on my mind, about Joyce, about my hidden memories as if it would all make sense to him. It is quite easy talking to him without getting in trouble as our teacher, yet again, has fallen asleep in his desk. Sometimes you gotta feel some sympathy towards the old man as he has to deal with a bunch of rowdy teenagers throughout the entire day... Luke listens and doesn't interrupt once, a rare quality for someone to have in this school. Once i'm done he stares at me as if he is studying me closely, not wanting to miss a detail about me. He seems to be caught within my eyes, as if the green is enchanting him, many people comment on my eyes, but he seems to just stare at them, lost within them.


"Maybe this memory was never meant to be seen, so your mind is blocking it out, forcing it away from you because it is trying to protect you", his words make sense somehow. I mean this is the most logical answer i could have heard so far. Still not leaving his eyes i voice my thoughts. 


"This seems like the most sensible idea i have heard", finally breaking eye contact i turn to look at Joyce, she seems to be isolated from everyone else, frozen out of time. She is thinking, i can tell by the way she is fixed on one point of classroom, the clock. I think about going over to her, to ask her what is wrong and try to mend whatever has been broken between us, however, Luke started speaking again. It was as if he could tell what i was thinking, sensing that i was going to leave, so he decided to pull me back in again with his words, frightening... 


"So, whats the deal with Nathan, way i hear it he's the one who's out for you, wanting too know this mysterious girl who keeps appearing in his mind", his voice was stern, yet steady, he was filled with curiosity. Yet i did not want to talk to him about Nathan, whenever he appears in my mind all i receive is pain although i have no idea why, it is not as if i speak to him... 


"I hardly even know him". A simple answer, not confusing, not such a lie, but i know that he senses more than this. However he leaves whatever it was on his mind as the bell rings for next period. 


"See you round, Anna" his milky brown hair following his movements as he leaves the room. I never told him my name yet i'm sure he must have heard it during registration. That or someone pointed me out to him, which seems highly unlikely. 


I try to catch up with Joyce on the way out, shouting out her name, more like a cry of help, wanting her to return and help me but she is to busy running away from what lurks in the shadows. Maybe a dream which i cannot awaken from, maybe she just wants me to wake up from this nightmare but i cannot because it is too beautiful for words to explain. Maybe this is why i need Joyce, to be there for me, to guide me along the way, or maybe she just wanted to get rid of me, to push me into the darkness and hoping that i will never return, there could be endless possibilities. Or maybe she is trying to tell me why i met Luke. 



Hope you guys are liking the story, it would help if you could tell me what you think of the story so far as i would like a readers point of view, maybe on how i could improve it or something like that, thanks:)        









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