Beautiful nightmare

If your past came back to haunt you, would you choose to stay and fight or flee for your own good?


3. the first touch

He sat right behind me, so close i could feel his cool breath against my neck. Throughout the entire lesson i could feel his eyes looking at me, whether it was my chocolate mixtured hair tumbling down my back, or my face reflecting off of the pale glass windows. He was always looking at me. By the time the lesson was over, my face was no longer the frosty stance people had always commented on, but an angry red flooding over. How could he do this too me!


As i was heading towards my locker to collect some books for my next lesson, Joyce (one of my best mates who seems just as distant towards Nathan as me), came over.

"Anna, my little chum, whats the news of the day!" no matter what you could say about Joyce, she would always want too know what goes on aorund the school, the "interesting" goss as she likes too call it.


"well what can i say, school never seems too get any better, the blond bimbo's chasing after the "hot" guys like Nathan, Katie never seems too get any nicer, what else can i say?" Katie has always been out for me and Joyce because we diddn't go by the "girl code"; wear tonnes of make up, go after the jocks, dont watch what we eat, or wear tight clothes which push out your chest, it's just stupid...


"ahhhh Nathan, how is it that a guy like him has pratically half of the girls tripping over themself's to get too him, but he never seems to have had a girlfriend? I mean he could have any of the stuck up bitches like Katie, Jasmine, zoey but he chooses to go solo." Her clear brown eyes always seem too light up whenever she talks about the people she hates.


"Anyway, what are we gonna do tonight, it's a friday! So ither pizza, chinese or we could get both. My mum is still away so we have the house too ourselfs again, also i got the lastest fright night!" If it's one thing me and Joyce love more than food, it's horror movies.


"Oh my god! It's gonna be great! But..."


"Joyce? Joyce!" It isn't until i turn around that i see whats she's staring at, Katie and the bitches seem to be coming over, uninvited as we like too call it.


" awwww so you too little freaks are having a get to together, how sweet" Zoey and Jasmine cackle, even though it's such a fake laugh coming from those pearly teeth, that I'm surprised how Katie can even put them.


"Well being the over sensitive cow around here i'm sure you wouldn't be bothered" Joyce can have a temper on her when it comes too friends, so i do not tell her to shut up, instead i laugh too myself.


"What do you have too say about little miss shit bag" Katie twirls some of blond hair around her freshly painted pink nails, as the others copy soon after.


"Lets just say that i shouldn't waste my breath on you, you coming Joyce?"


We both walk away, without realising those shallow eyes following us from the shadows... 



Okay from next week i'm going too start writing longer chapters, so if you have anything you would like too say about my story on how i could improve it, please tell me and I'll try my best:)




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