Beautiful nightmare

If your past came back to haunt you, would you choose to stay and fight or flee for your own good?


6. Just a dream

I'm dragged kicking and screaming from the house, at one point my world goes black and i am lost within a nightmare. Maybe this is just a nightmare, something i will wake up from sooner or later, how i wish this was true. There is no light too guide me anymore, nothing to hold onto, no hope, no faith, just the mind numbing fear which taunts me. When i next awake i'm in a cellar with the cold wrapping around my bones, threatening to freeze over my blood. I feel another presence in the room with me, as i turn around i feel his strong hands rest over my shoulder. His eyes pierce through me as id he could stare right into my soul and sense all of my fear. 


"Anna" his voice is rough and seems more familiar, as i'd known him longer than i actually have.  


"Why am i here" i have allowed fear to pass through my words, something i hate to do. 


"I need to known if you remember, if you remember anything about me, about us..." his voice trailed off at the end of the sentence. This made me wonder; what us! I would never be with anyone like Nathan, i mean sure he's good looking but i would never fall for someone like him. would i? 


"I have no idea what you're talking about, this is stupid so let me go" anger has risen in my voice. 


"Look Anna i can make you remember, please just say yes, say yes and this could all be over" plead, this is what i heard, but it seems hard too believe. 


"I told you, i have no idea what you're talking about, so let me go!" even as i said these words i could feel memories trying to force their way through my mind, but i refused to believe such nonsense. This was ridiculous, i just wanted to go home and forget everything about it, to remove from my mind and bury it deep within the darkness.


"He said you would be like this, i thought he was wrong, i thought you would remember at least me..." pain had also risen in his voice, this scared me for my mother always used to say "from pain comes the greatest anger for you cannot get rid of it so easily". 


I could see his weakness, ever so faintly, it was me. I could use guilt to escape from this nightmare, pour it right into his heart until he can hold no more. Words are the my greatest ally at this current point in time, power from the mind as my mother puts it. As this plan was emerging through my mind i could sense that i did not have as much time as i though, so it was now or never. 


"Nathan you care about me yes?" my voice came out as soothing, sweet even. 


"Of course" 


"Then why dont you let me go, if you truly cared about me, you would let me go" 


He is thinking, i can see it in his eyes, lost within thoughts about what he should do."Your farther said the exact same words about you", hurt was now flaming through his eyes, burning through his emotions. What did my farther had to with this anyway?! He died along time ago, not that Nathan should know about any of this, i had to see for myself. 


"Wait what do you..." i was cut off with his smooth voice flowing through me, through my blood, around my bones, too my heart... 


"This was nothing more than a dream, a nightmare which you will wake up from, nothing more to remember, nothing less to see or hear..." And with that he was gone. 



I wake up with a fuzzy mind, i am at home, in my room, Joyce asleep on the floor, everything is normal, so why does it all seem out of place? I walk towards the window, it is still quite dark but i can see faintly what is outside, the trees, the road, the rest of the street, everything normal, as it should be. But there is something more, and i will find out what, no matter what may happen.  





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