Beautiful nightmare

If your past came back to haunt you, would you choose to stay and fight or flee for your own good?


2. in the begining

Everybody has their average day at high school; whether you're popular, non popular, a total dork or just someone who wants attention, you're gonna have too live with it for a while. I was an average student, there were people who hated me but also people who looked out for me. You're always gonna have both. But then there was Nathan; the guy who all the girls wanted, but at the same time there was something about him that made you want too talk to him, too figure out why he was so distant of most people and mainly stuck too the shadows... So you cannot blame me for being curious about him. Maybe it was the way his eyes shimmered more in the darkness and when the sun came around they became shallow, lifeless even. Or the fact that he only seems to look at the same locket each day, it feels as if I have seen many times before(as if it means something to me) each time he looks at it but i always push away this thought because it seems stupid. This boy who i barely even know, yet whenever i'm near him he seems awfully familiar; as if i've known him for years on end, but my mind refuses too accept this as i clearly know nothing of him.

The first bell rings so i head off too class, the joys of maths. However as i'm going Nathan follows me; i definitely know that he does not share this class with me but i not tell him my thoughts. It feels as if my thoughts are being possessed by some strange nightmare, yet it seems sweet and comforting at the same time. I have had this happen too me before whenever i have been close to Nathan, however my mind chooses to forget as if it doesn't want too spoil a huge surprise i'm waiting for. This is not the only thing my mind choose to forget...     

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