Beautiful nightmare

If your past came back to haunt you, would you choose to stay and fight or flee for your own good?


5. characters

i havent really explained how the characters look so here they are (only ones which have been mentioned so far)-


Anna- Deep green eyes like emeralds, hair has different shades of chocolate, pale complexion, clear skin, wears baggy jumpers (mainly with messages on), slim jeans (mainly black or dark blue), plain black converse.


Joyce- light brown eyes, tanned skin, dark brown wavy hair quite long, wears different coloured vests not tight, denim (jean) jackets blue, tight jeans, black vans.


Nathan- dark eyes in the light, pale eyes in the dark, black messy hair, clear tanned skin, wears black hoddies, plain grey shirts, dark blue jeans, black converse.


Katie- light blond hair, pale complection with pink cheeks, mainly glossy lips (lip gloss), clear skin, wears dresses (light colours), pumps (black or white), mainly pink nails, grey eyes.


Zoey- straight caramel coloured hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, tight vests, denim skirts, pumps (black).


Jasmine- frizzy blond hair pulled up into a bun, tight vests, denim skirt, pumps (black), quite similar to zoey.




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