Hired For One Direction

Amaya, Mackenzie, Kalli, Kayla, and Tori are five normal girls that live in New York. Their all best friends, and love to be wild together. One day, when a woman tricks them about a party, she actually takes them to 1D's management office. She bribes them into working as the guys girlfriends, and they go along with it for the money. But, will they really fall for the 5 world-known boys during the job?
∞ An all 1D fan fiction ∞


1. Intro♥️

Hey guys! I just want to clarify what this story is about to you all! Well 5 girls from NYC are nothing but your average teenagers that love to have fun, go clubbing, be wild and crazy, and all of that good stuff. One day, while they're all hanging out, a lady named Barbara approaches them and tricks them into becoming the 5 girls that go out with the guys from the band One Direction. The girls agree to the job, only for the money. But during the time their all with the guys, will some fall for their so called boyfriend? Will all? Or will none? You'll just have to find out in "Hired For One Direction"! Warning, there is going to be some sexual scenes, bad language, maybe even some drug use. But i'll warn you guys before the chapter! Love you all, and i'll try to give you the first chapter as soon as I possibly can!

- Myaaa x <3

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