Letters To My Love

This is a diary of letters to my love. Maybe he can understand how I feel a little better


6. Letter # 6

Date: April 10, 2014


Dear Sean,

How are you doing love? I should be getting my phone today! I really really hope so, then I can Snapchat you, yay. My ear is extremely sore, ugh It's so painful. The two top cartilage piercings are really sore, and my ear is swollen. I hurt a lot, and there isn't anything I can do, gr. I'm sitting in government right now (3rd hour- 10:00 current time) and we are doing nothing. I'm so darn bored, why can't you text more in school... 


The good news is, I got my new phone, yay. But other than that not much else went on. 


Sorry it's so short, but it was a very boring day in school. 



Your baby girl <3

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