Letters To My Love

This is a diary of letters to my love. Maybe he can understand how I feel a little better


4. Letter # 4

Date: April 6, 2014


Dear Sean,

So, yesterday was Saturday and I got to see you basically all day! It was so much fun, there were moments when people were making me mad, but since I was with you I let it go. We got to skate and I really wanted to steal your skateboard (okay I tried to, but failed). It really made my day, and I actually felt confident skating around you, even though I really suck. I hope maybe you can teach me and make me better (and maybe get me to stop being a chicken and teach me tricks). 


My favorite part of yesterday was when:

I was sitting on your skateboard and you were sitting on the crappy one you brought. I was sitting in front of you and you had your arms around me. I had stolen your new hat and your hat that I have (the 'Keep Calm and Kill Zombies' one). My board was sitting in my lap and you were trying to get your board so you could do something but I wouldn't move. So you tried to take mine and I fell off yours trying to keep ahold of the board and not let you get both of your hats. It was so much fun. I felt like a little kid again.


So today didn't go so well. I went skating, and well it went wrong. Yep, my board's trucks and wheels need replaced and of course my board freaking came to a complete stop on a pebble again. My right knee is already scarred and my left knee had a scab. Of course it had to my left side, tore the scab off and scrapped my knee up a little worse. I feel like living crap and feel like I just want to die.


The only thing keeping me happy is the fact i'll get to Skype you here soon. I love you. 



Your baby girl <3



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