Letters To My Love

This is a diary of letters to my love. Maybe he can understand how I feel a little better


3. Letter # 3

Date: April 3, 2014


Dear Love, 

Today I just woke up in a bad mood, it was horrible. I was tired as heck so I was very very grouchy. I always just try to keep you in a good mood, but half of the time I can't. Honestly, I don't know when you're going to learn that I mess up all the time. Why does today have to be one of those days for me? You have managed to text me a little more than normal today, and you have no idea how much it has brightened my day. 


Baby, you have helped me so much you may not even realize it. You always brighten my day, make me smile. Most importantly, you have helped me become myself again. I know we have had our share of rough times lately, but we have made it through it all. I wish I could explain how I feel about you, so you could understand. But, It's way to difficult to explain though. 


So, today went very bad. My best friend, Christia's ex-boyfriend and I got in a huge fight because he's controlling and thinks he's still her boyfriend. She has a different boyfriend, not to meant her ex is abusive. So, that caused a lot of crap and it made me mad, but she sided with me which was funny. He was trying to pull off that he was her mom but I don't believe it for a second, I'm not stupid. Oh, and my nanny is in the hospital too so it's not going well. 


I just wanted to let you know, that I will more and likely get to see you Saturday (yay!) So, it will be fun. Around 2: Shay, Christia, Billye Jo, and I maybe making a music video to: Best Love Song by T-Pain & Chris Brown but the version we are doing is: "Best Love Song" cover by Cimorelli so you will get to see me be a total dork! XD I love being myself around you. I thinks that's about all for today. 



Your baby girl <3



~This poem was written by me, please don't steal/copy it~

Poem: Please don't Leave

I miss the way you hold me, and kiss me. 

Miss being held close to you, 

why are you so sweet to me? 

I've always been independent, 

but you bring out a different side of me. 

I need you, I don't want to but I do. 

Baby, please don't leave. 

If you left, my life would just go down hill. 

I can't wait for the day, that it will be just us two. 

And, I can't wait for our camping trip. 

When we discuss the future,

it gives me hope and brightens my day. 

Why is it that everything you do makes me smile?

How do you manage to brighten my day? 

I've never had this feeling before, but let it stay. 

I love you so much, 

please don't ever leave me. 




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