Letters To My Love

This is a diary of letters to my love. Maybe he can understand how I feel a little better


2. Letter # 2

Date: April 2, 2014


Dear Sean, 

Today at school was long and slow. I wish we could of texted more, I sit here waiting on the day to end. Right after school I get to go get my ears pierced (cartilage), yay! Today started off way better than yesterday did. All day long I hear people calling me an idiot for the fact I did my own ear piercing (tragus). 


Today 9th hour (Homeroom/Study Hall) got very emotional for me. Seniors got called to have a meeting with the principal and we got our cap and gown. Graduation is a very touchy subject for me, but it's about a month away. So, that means that it will be discussed a lot. Every time it's mentioned I just want to ball my eyes out. Just thinking that as the day goes by I'll be at work, and you will be at school. 


So, I got home and showed my Grandma my three new piercings in my ear. I expected her to make a big fit about my tragus piercing but she actually didn't I was shocked. After I got my piercings done I got to hand out with the two best girls in the world Brooke and Billye Jo. Here soon we will get to torture Brooke by piercing her tragus ;) this will be fun. 


Here is a picture of my ear: 



You know I am really happy about the fact that you love piercings and tattoos. Most guys hated the fact that I wanted them. You accept me for me which I love, and you stand by my side for my piercings and tattoos, thank you for that. 


Babe, you mean absolutely everything to me, and when we are together I can't help but be happy. I miss being wrapped in your arms, cuddling, holding each other close. Falling asleep in each others arms. There is so much I miss. I hope you had a great day, I love you so much. 




Your baby girl <3


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