A fat panda wanders out in the mysterious realm that is on the verge of a great clash between noble and malevolent creations. The Zebuba Trolls are up to mischief and preparing to conquer the world and with no information of the survival or fall of Tigiristan, the Insaan is the ultimate hope of being capable to preserve peace and defeat the menace of the Zebuba Trolls. Though, within their own stronghold dirty policymaking appear to obstruct a united front against their opponent. Could bad politics, personal interests and the disunity of the five families mean defeat…


6. The Next Morning...

We woke up the next morning or should I say, I woke up as Daisuke was up and had found something to chew already. I had breakfast, eggs with potatoes and some fish. My father always told me that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. He even had something written in our dinner:

“Eat breakfast with kings, lunch with a stranger and dinner with an enemy.”

I never really understood what it meant but we ate a good portion in the morning and during lunch we would eat less and normally we would finish the day with fruits and something that wasn’t heavy although I would sneak down something good in my tummy.

Yeah I am a bit overweight and I would always be tired fast at training but maybe this journey could make me lose some weight.

Finally at the edge of the forest and a tiny jump over water stream and I would be going through the farm.  I couldn’t even see over the cornfield as I wasn’t that tall or maybe the height of the corn plants was too tall.

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