A fat panda wanders out in the mysterious realm that is on the verge of a great clash between noble and malevolent creations. The Zebuba Trolls are up to mischief and preparing to conquer the world and with no information of the survival or fall of Tigiristan, the Insaan is the ultimate hope of being capable to preserve peace and defeat the menace of the Zebuba Trolls. Though, within their own stronghold dirty policymaking appear to obstruct a united front against their opponent. Could bad politics, personal interests and the disunity of the five families mean defeat…


5. The Lurking Forest and a New Friend

Going through the forest with Daisuke meant that I wasn’t all alone. After all Daisuke understand quite a well. I needed only to whistle and he would be around. I patted him and said: “It’s just me and you now buddy. This lurking forest has its own secrets.” I knew those secrets as me and Shizuka created those secrets.

We would move the bushes and make scary voices when the other kids would walk through the forest and they would run away scared.

The elders would always want such a scene. They weren’t scared of anything well except for serving bad noodles to their guests. Boy hell would break loose.

The forest had its own dwellers though. Tiny eyes in the trees would stare you all the way through the forest and even the birds and their small ape shaped faces were following you wherever you were in the forest.

Suddenly one of these birds came down and sat on Daisukes horns and was staring at me. I took a tiny piece of carrot and gave it to the bird and saw it eating. Then it flew on my shoulder and pulled out one of its feathers and gave it to me and flew back to the horn and fell asleep.

“Looks like we have found us a new friend Daisuke. Looks like we have found us a new friend.”

We had finally reached the end of the forest and before going any further we set up a camp and lit a tiny fire and wanted to rest for the night. Our friend slept on the tree I was leaning on.

“Daisuke, we need to find a name for our friend. Why don’t we just call you Yujin. That kind of fits you.”

Yujin purred and felt asleep and so did we.

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