A fat panda wanders out in the mysterious realm that is on the verge of a great clash between noble and malevolent creations. The Zebuba Trolls are up to mischief and preparing to conquer the world and with no information of the survival or fall of Tigiristan, the Insaan is the ultimate hope of being capable to preserve peace and defeat the menace of the Zebuba Trolls. Though, within their own stronghold dirty policymaking appear to obstruct a united front against their opponent. Could bad politics, personal interests and the disunity of the five families mean defeat…


10. Thar Zane Jungle

Ryo finally left the old farmland to reach a jungle. Everywhere were trees in different shapes, some tall some tiny and some scary. There were plants, flowers and even grass. Insects chirking and running water. He started talking to Daisuke. “Looks like an awesome place,” while itching his back. Looks like we could take a swim maybe what do you say Daisuke?”, still itching his back a bit more rough and finally seeing blood on his hand. A mosquito had bitten him. He went further in the forest and it was getting hot. More hot than he ever had been feeling before and suddenly his eyes were getting blurry. What is going on he asked himself? He slowly felt exhausted and drank some water from the running stream. But nothing helped and he was feeling even more exhausted. Finally he gave in and couldn’t take it more and laid himself down and asked Daisuke to get help. Ryo was opening his eyes slowly and said: “What a dream”. Before looking around as he noticed he was in a bed covered bya zepra blanket. Wondering where he was he walked outside the tiny tent and was astonished. There were lions and tigers everywhere. Lion babies playing around, tigers walking around, it was a huge populated village he was in. “Easy there fellow. You were bitten by a poisonous mosquito. They are fatal if you don’t know how to treat those bites. And you’re quite lucky Sambo found you, before some of those Black Pumas found you,” a tiger said. “Where am I and who are you?” Ryo sniffed. “I am Nambo, you are in the city of Tigeristan well hidden within Thar Zan jungle,” Nambo answered. “Stay for a while until you are fresh, then get freshened up and join us for the gathering tonight,” Nambo said. Later that night Ryo got out as the whole village were gathered to hear King Baqool speak, he was the leader of Tigeristan. “Many have tried to lead the two of us. And many had failed. I am the one who brought peace between us and defended us throughout the years against those black pumas. Nobody is ever hungry anymore in Tigeristan and nobody is being treated with injustice,” Silence overtook him for a while. “However it seems that the pumas has surrendered to a far greater threat to whole Thar Zane, the Zebuba Trolls,” to hear the whole crowd go. OH NO. “Now we have to think about our future. Those cannibals would soon lead an attack against Tigeristan and we cannot defend us and we would never surrender!” hearing the crowd cheering and agreeing. “Tomorrow we would set out to find the piece of King Sulaymons throne close to the spring of Dylecroco, in order to get the help of the insects of this jungle otherwise we are doomed to death,” The king sat down. “Tomorrow we will chose our heroes that might not come back, tomorrow we will send out the best of the best amongst us, on whose shoulders lies the burden of saving us from the pangs of the Zebuba Trolls,” The king said and everybody when back into their tents. Sambo came in the tenth with Nambo and told the story of Tigiristan: “Our great grandfathers were created by the all great light and roamed this land free for ages. Until a red light was spotted for several days in the sky and that light fell down somewhere around in Tharzane Jungle. Not many years after that the generations before us saw the first black pumas who would ferousiously attack whatever it saw. We did not know the trolls by then until they started conquering territories. The only two places left for them is Tigiristan and Dylecroco. The trolls must have had arrived with the light which moments before it crashed and shock the whole area looked like a huge stone we had never seen before. Now we are outnumbered and our only chance is to find this piece of King Sulaymons throne if it even does exist in the mouth of Dylecroco.” “What is the mouth of Dylecroco, if I may ask,” Asked Ryo. “It’s a dungeon I think, there is going to be a lot of Dylecrocos tomorrow in that hole. So let me at least get some sleep tonight and we can maybe continue talking again after sunrise?”, and he laid himself down and they all fell asleep. Early next morning everyone woke up before sunrise and made their rituals as the individuals were named. Nambo, Kimmo, Abeni, Asha, Babirye and suddenly Ryo stepped forward and said: “I want to go with them”. King Baqool asked: “Can you even fight? We have Nambo and Kimmo who are deadly with the spear and Abeni, Asha who can pin point an arrow from almost a fifth of a mile and Babirye has a shield that never has lost a battle! So tell me dear friend. What can you do?” “Well I can fight with my hands and feet, can anyone of you?” Ryo asked. “Let us put it to a test. If you can fight Kimmo in a bare hand battle and not fall on the ground after 12 water drops, I shall let you join the crew,” The king said. Ryo got ready and was starring at Kimmo. Kimmo looked tougher, with more muscles but Ryo knew that he himself was muscles beneath all the fat. The battle began and Ryo ran and jumped on Kimmo and sat on him. Kimmo couldn’t move at all. As Ryo counted the water drops. King Baqool was laughing and said: “Well you did not fall and hence you can join the crew” They packed and left through the jungle to reach Dylecroco, the place that was known for the habitat of thousands of Dylecrocos. Some were as big as 3 Tigers.
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