A fat panda wanders out in the mysterious realm that is on the verge of a great clash between noble and malevolent creations. The Zebuba Trolls are up to mischief and preparing to conquer the world and with no information of the survival or fall of Tigiristan, the Insaan is the ultimate hope of being capable to preserve peace and defeat the menace of the Zebuba Trolls. Though, within their own stronghold dirty policymaking appear to obstruct a united front against their opponent. Could bad politics, personal interests and the disunity of the five families mean defeat…


4. Journey Of The Curious

I couldn’t get rid of the thought of the teacher saying that I was meant to do great things. I knew he talked about me, I couldn’t be wrong. But how could I do great things in Pandaqom? I had to leave. My father would definitely understand. I went down to talk to him. “So you want to leave me. Leave your old father all alone? Is that what my friend has been teaching you? To leave your elders on their own?” He said holding his beard. “No father, Shizuka is going to be around you and take care of you. I have to see the world and I have to become someone I am not yet.” I insisted. “You remind me of me when I was in your age. I have no legal excuse to stop you and if Shizuka is going to be here, there is no reason why I should stop you. But remember this, my son. Let your mind lead you and if your heart ever gets polluted with this world’s betrayal then wash it clean with your tears.” He hugged me and before I knew it I was on my way. I sat on Daisuke who was getting rid of his warm fur coat as summer was approaching. Boy, did he love to chew grass. And for a mountain goat he was really strong, that’s because I fed him with meat and chicken. His horns were getting big too and he could ram anything, even the big town bell that I used to ram for fun at times. I turned around and saw the guardians as tiny objects and the city looked so small from out here. I was happy to be on my way to see the big Sekai. I saw Shizuka coming towards me saying: “Take this flower with you and safeguard it as it will safeguard you from all evil.” “Just take care of my father and if he needs anything help him with it, and if he becomes groggy or angry then bare over with it.” I said taking the flower. “Don’t worry Ryo, he is as much my father as yours.” And she waved goodbye. We said farewell and I left looking forward to see the big Sekai and what it was hiding out there.
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