A fat panda wanders out in the mysterious realm that is on the verge of a great clash between noble and malevolent creations. The Zebuba Trolls are up to mischief and preparing to conquer the world and with no information of the survival or fall of Tigiristan, the Insaan is the ultimate hope of being capable to preserve peace and defeat the menace of the Zebuba Trolls. Though, within their own stronghold dirty policymaking appear to obstruct a united front against their opponent. Could bad politics, personal interests and the disunity of the five families mean defeat…


12. First Encounter with Insaan

“.. … … .. …..? c.. y… h… me? “ Ryo slowly awoke and found himself in a cage witnessing what was a market where slaves would be sold. It was raining and he was wet like never before. “Excuse me can you tell me where I am?” he asked one of the strange looking creatures he had never seen before. “They don’t understand you, they are Insaan, humans and they don’t speak our language,” A brown bear answered. “But I can tell you that you will be sold to either their cruel cage fights where you will be killed in a fight or maybe as a show puppet,” the bear said. They took him away and Ryo was left there amongst others in his cage. Ryo thought if he acted like he was weak or sick he would escape the gruesome fights in the cage that were staged between these evil Insaan and others. It became dark and Ryos cage were taken inside a dark place. The others inside were talking about that they were destined to be here and die here. Ryo wanted none of that and kept thinking he somehow was meant to escape this otherwise he would not have had been saved in the jungle. Then he thought of what happened to his friends whom he left to their own. Everybody felt asleep and Ryo started dreaming. He was in a green garden with the most beautiful trees and flowers. Animals and insects all were flying happily as his master came forward and said:”Ryo, soon you are going to be changed. You are going to become a man. So prepare yourself and don’t let anyone but your rationale guide you”. Suddenly everything turned grey and black and there was thunder and earthquake. Ryo woke up to see that someone was taking his cage somewhere else. He couldn’t see who they were as it was dark. They had the features of the Insaan but were not that tall. Through tiny streets and slums and finally down to a basement. Here there were lots of mechanical things and he finally saw what had taken him away. It was technicians. The same technicians that ruined Ryos neighboring villages in North. Here he was amongst others and was watching as they would give a neck ring around the necks which would shock. Ryo got one around his neck although he tried to resist but the shock was nothing he could do anything against. He was now a slave. A slave of a technician whom he could easily beat but as long as he had this thing around his neck he couldn’t do anything. This was surely not what his dream had meant. Is becoming a slave of something which doesn’t even care for others becoming a man? A few days later and after Ryo was finally meeting his destiny. How humiliated he felt. He was lying there in the basement and crying. The dream definitely didn’t foretell this. Does becoming a man mean crying? He finally made a prayer. A silent one within his heart. As the tears were falling down on his nose. “Allmighty, I am still young, you have not created anything in vain. Help me out of this mess”. The next day he woke up and was shocked into a wheel and was supposed to win a wheel race for his owner where he was racing against other pets. As the race set off Ryo had a close clash with another pet and it eventually led to an accident which left Ryo with broken legs. The pain was unbearable as he kept screaming out. But to the people who were there to watch the entertainment it wasn’t getting any better than this. Some of the technicians came and took him outside of the city and left Ryo there as something which could not be used anymore. It was like these technicians had no feeling and no spirit. They were not even seen smiling or having fun. It was like they were the slaves and pets of those bigger Insaan who came and watched the competition and were working for them. These were dead compared to Ryos culture where people would smile, laugh and share feelings. Laying there in the rain and trying to overcome the pain and finding some food he saw a tall stranger came towards him. He even gave Ryo some bread. Wow, that bread tasted good he thought, he had never eaten such good bread before. He tried to look up and saw a young tall Insaan who with his friends came closer to Ryo and touched his legs. He didn’t feel any pain after that and looking at his legs; he saw that they were healed. He couldn’t see their faces as they were somehow glooming. This young insaan took some saliva from his mouth and opened Ryos mouth and let it drop upon his tongue and took his hand as Ryo suddenly saw the earth beneath his feet pulling itself together. He was scared and closed his eyes. Then he heard a voice: “It’s ok now friend, open your eyes,” the stranger said. Ryo opened his eyes as he saw he was in a room with a bed and lots of books. Wait a minute, how did I understand what he just said? “Excuse me, but who are you and how is it that we can talk to one another?” Ryo asked. “Well, to tell you the short story, I am a scholar, and when I gave you that drop from my saliva it made you understand me. Not only that, now are you able to speak with us fluently. My name is Shuhrayr. And I have projected you to our great city of Amol,” Shuhrayr answered. Ryo went out on the balcony and saw this huge city. What a sight. He had never witnessed anything like it before. Right in front of the balcony was the Darbaar Council where the families, clans and others would discuss important issues. Water would run through the city straight from the Harbour which he could see behind the Nigari tents. “Ryo let’s take a walk, a walk through the city so I can let you meet very important people,” Shuhrayr said. They both went outside and stood at the Abideen Quarters. This was one of the five families that built up the city of Amol. The Abideens were known for their worship of Khuda - the one that came into existence Himself, and were the most guest free people and everyone would trust them. That’s also why the main judges of Amol only consist of people from the Abideen Quarter. Right next to the Abideen Quarter was the mount place. There were all sorts of different mounts. Some would only allow certain families and races to mount them. You had Boraks, horses with wings, there were horses that hadn’t got their wings yet, Kmels which the Nigaris used, Bulls the Karkurud used, Alefants the Tanbars would use and deer’s for the choppan. Ryo noticed some bears as well they were used by some others. On the corner just before the harbor were the busy market, it had everything one could need, clothes, bags, sewing things, leather and more. Passing the Nigari tents, with big and tall Nigaris which recently came to the city after leaving the nomad life in the big Sahara, you would have the food bazaar, where you could get everything you wanted. Vegetables, fruits, meat, bread, milk, juices and more. Then behind the Darbaar there was the biggest library ever. Millions and millions of books were inside this huge library which was close to the weapon and armor armory. Then there was the Karkurud Basements but they didn’t go down there and moved on to the Tanbar Area and these guys were all either drinking or eating and were really fat. Moving on through the training area and armory and finding the medicine place and the Choppan quarter with hardworking men, most of these were farmers outside and… Ryos guiding tour was interrupted as they had to rush to a meeting in the Darbaar council.
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