My Diary - My Life

It's about my life .


1. 1/4/2014

Today is my birthday & also today is first april . Every friend of mine thought that I was joking that I am inviting them to my birthday . A very dear friend of mine came as he knew that I was not lying . But we did a lot of fun . At night my parents arranged a surprise party for me .We had a lot of fun . A dear friend of mine came I asked her how she was and she replied I don't want to talk to you . I said why and she said someone has been telling bad things about you . And I know that I am naughty but would never hurt someone . She said that from now on we will never meet or even talk . And I couldn't even say a single word . I was in a great shock and was thinking who would tell bad things about me . I am very sad that a very good friend of me is not a friend of me now . I really thought her as my sister and she said that now her trust on me was broken . I couldn't forgive that person that gave her the wrong news about me . But overall I had a nice day . A unforgettable one .
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