Dont leave Darcy


2. Pancakes

I shake my little girls shoulder she flutters her pretty blue eyes open then gives me the devil stair and puts the pillow on her face that brat

"No pancakes for you" I say with a big smirk on my face she then shot up out of bed and ran to the bathroom to get ready I walked out of her small room and down the hall to the kitchen we have a small house and my friend logan lives with us to so it makes it even smaller I grabbed my phone from the kitchen table and decided to text Niall to see what was going on but he beat me to it and said he was coming over i quickly made pancakes and hoped in the shower after my shower i got a white sundress on with heals and my harry wavy i got out of the bathroom and walked to the kitchen to check on Darcy she was just finishing her pancakes i smiled and kept walking toward her she put on a pink dress how cute then the door bell rang

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