wrong path

Abbey is under the influence of the school bad boy Niall Horan she is heading down the wrong path


1. Meeting him

I walk down the cold  frightening path if I could go to my new flat a different way I would. Smelling drugs isn't a good thing a cold hand tapped my back to a poor man saying "You want to have a drag?" I shook my head politely still handing him a £50 note I knew he was homeless just by looking at him. He gave his thanks and walked of I bumped into another guy just before I was out the ally he was obviously drunk as he pushed me to the wall and left wet kisses trailing down my neck. He bit my bottom lip that really hurt I gasped that gave him the chance but I wouldn't let him and closed my mouth he wasn't drunk I could tell.

He picked me up I screamed we reached what I assumed his house and he started to give me winks I rolled my eyes in disgust he laughed and I gave him a death gleam he thought it attractive and dragged me in a massive pool that was built into his back garden.



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