Finis Autem Omnium

[Subscribed on YouTube- Faithless Hope] When the humans commit a deadly mistake by challenging Mother Nature, she retorts back with deadly consequences.
The world is ending, and not in the way you think it is.


4. Chapter Three



Celeste tried to stop the tears from falling. Three weeks had passed since her twin, Kyra's burial. The world felt incomplete. She missed her other half. Wiping the tears that had escaped her eyes, she walked to her sister’s room. Everything was the same; her sister’s smell still surrounded her room. La Corda, her perfume, was still hovering around. Without meaning to, tears escaped her eyes once again. Sweetly caressing the bed, as if her sister was sleeping, she sang the lullaby their mother had taught them before leaving them forever. 

“If you were here right now, Kyra,” she whispered, “things would have been a lot better.”

A few close relatives had attended the burial. The rest feared that the Aps was contagious. Celeste’s father had been under depression since her mother died, Kyra’s burial was another cut on an open wound. She could hear her father talking to himself throughout the night and it pained her to see him so.

She opened Kyra’s closet, which was still in a mess. Sniffling, she went to arrange it, as she always did. When she was cleaning up the drawers, a paper slipped out. Kyra had written it, it read:

Coniuratio- est redemptio,
Non enim mentitus est nobis

Celeste was confused. Which language was it? The Universal Language has always been English, ever since Crisis. There were no records of any other language spoken in any part of the world. Then what was this?

Then suddenly, she knew how to find out. She took out a box from under the bed and searched for Kyra’s diary. She did not mean to snoop, but Kyra had always been fascinated with the world during the B.C., that is, Before Crisis: while Celeste loved her life in A.D., After Deliverance. This was the only dissimilarity between the twins. 

Flipping through the pages, she came across a sort of a dictionary in Kyra’s handwriting. The words were in English, but she could not understand what it meant. Beside the unknown words, there were meanings.

abbas abbatis : father / abbot. 
abbatia : abbey, monastery. 

At the top, it said- ‘Latin’. Latin? What is that supposed to mean? Decoding what the note meant, she gasped when she deciphered it.

Conspiracy- Redemption is possible.
They lied to us.

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