Finis Autem Omnium

[Subscribed on YouTube- Faithless Hope] When the humans commit a deadly mistake by challenging Mother Nature, she retorts back with deadly consequences.
The world is ending, and not in the way you think it is.


8. Chapter Seven



Reaching the Temple through its steep path was difficult for the foursome. Nevertheless, they made it and entered the abandoned temple to find two youngsters already present there.

“What are you Outsiders doing in our temple?” a blonde haired girl demanded.




“We’re here to help,” the dark red haired man spoke. Sarah found him familiar. Shaking away the feeling, she bored her eyes into those familiar blue ones.

“How?” she questioned again.

Whispering something to the blonde lady beside him, he walked towards her with a phone.

“This,” he gave her the phone, “means something.”

Looking at the words displayed on the screen, she was astonished. Her brother had written the same words in the note. Without meaning to, she repeated it.

Coniuratio- est redemptio,
Non enim mentitus est nobis.”




“What?” Kyra blurted in shock. “Where did you hear it?”

“Doesn’t concern you, brunette,” she retorted.

“My sister wrote the same thing!” she exclaimed, taking out a note. “Here!”

Her eyes widened and mouth parted, she was shocked.

“She was the first person to be afflicted with the Aps,” Kyra added softly.

A vague expression on the girl’s face emerged, as if everything became clearer to her. Suddenly, she heard footsteps- the IA guards were here!

“Come quick,” the girl, whispered to the rest, and took to them to the dungeon, which led them outside Mrantis.




The entire group, even though they had met for the first time, was travelling in The Express together. They were in the Goods Cabin and had barely managed to escape the IA guards. They barely knew each other, yet they felt a bond and trust.

The world was changing faster than it ever had. There was fear inhibiting the hearts. Still they kept hope. They kept the faith. They were aware that their role, in helping all of humankind, had taken a big enormous step.

With silence speaking louder than words, the six had accepted their fate.

Their journey had just begun.

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