Finis Autem Omnium

[Subscribed on YouTube- Faithless Hope] When the humans commit a deadly mistake by challenging Mother Nature, she retorts back with deadly consequences.
The world is ending, and not in the way you think it is.


2. Chapter One



“So get your work done by tomorrow,” Mr. Fisher added as the students piled their way to their next class. However, a girl remained. She was dozing off on her seat.

“Miss Kyra?” he called out to her. She did not respond.

“Miss Kyra?” he repeated, this time a bit louder. Still, no response came from her

Sighing, he went to her and shook her shoulder, “Miss Kyra, this is no time for sleeping,” he spoke harshly. She still did not respond. He checked for her pulse. The pulse was normal.

“Miss Kyra,” he began in an authoritative tone, “I must insist you wake up and attend your next class.”

When she did not respond again, he slight shook her shoulder but then, she slumped towards the ground and her eyes were wide open. The irises were white. Slight foam appeared from her mouth.

“Miss Kyra!” he shrieked over the huge drumming of his heart.



“Nicholas! Get back here!” Sarah shouted to her brother. “Give me back my book!”

“If you can catch me, sister,” he laughed, “which I bet you cannot.”

The brother-sister duo ran as fast as they could in the backdrop of the quaint hamlet of Mrantis. While the brother escaped the clutches of his sister, the sister tried to run as lady-like as she could without tripping or spoiling her dress. Their mother watched smilingly at them.

“Come on, sister,” Nicholas teased. “Are you too weak for this?”

That infuriated Sarah, with a desperate look; she lunged at him, forgetting all the manners she had learned in her weekly manner classes. With the book in her hand, she laughed with an aura of victory. Dusting herself off, she mocked her brother, “Now, brother dear. Are you too weak to get up or do you need your weakling sister to help you out?”

Getting no response from him, she looked down at him. He was lying there on the ground. His arms outstretched and the legs in different angles. She saw the back of his shirt was drenched in sweat.

“Get up now, will you?” she spoke with a slight fear in her voice. Why wasn’t he getting up?

She turned him over, about to give him the lecture of his life, but when she saw his face, she shrieked in fear with such intensity that the entire hamlet heard her.

“Nicholas!" she screamed.

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