Finis Autem Omnium

[Subscribed on YouTube- Faithless Hope] When the humans commit a deadly mistake by challenging Mother Nature, she retorts back with deadly consequences.
The world is ending, and not in the way you think it is.


6. Chapter Five



Kratos DeNial, Jacqueline Gradius and Cynthia Lockwood had boarded the Express to reach Mrantis, their only hope.

“Tell me again, Miss Lockwood,” Jacqueline insisted, “what are we doing exactly?” Cynthia groaned inwardly and with the most hospitable smile started speaking.

“As you saw I received a Latin text message telling us- Redemption was possible. It told us that ‘they’, I don’t know who, lied to us, that it was a conspiracy. We’re travelling to Mrantis because the Mrantisians are the only ones who can help us. They know more about the B.C. than any historian alive on this planet does. They are the Devouts.”

DeNial shuddered at the word ‘Devouts’, he was one too. However, that was long ago. None could see it, but he was anxious going back to his old home. He was worried, tensed and stressed at the same time. ‘The world is more important,’ he reminded himself. Though he was not completely okay with the historian’s plan, he had no other option. That was all he had. 




Celeste was looking out the window at the ever-changing scenery. She did not know what she was doing, but it felt she would find out soon. She knew that her twin had always been fascinated with B.C., Devouts and Redemption, but never guessed that she was so much involved with those.

Clutching the note tightly, she tried not to let the guilt of leaving her father overcome her. Blinking away the unwanted tears, she composed herself. She needed answers. All her questions pointed towards one place- Mrantis. 

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